Balloon Chic

The Japanese just do everything right, especially when it comes to fashion, creativity and innovation. Rie Hosokai, aka Daisy Balloon, is no exception. Hosokai was introduced to balloon art in 2002 when she, ironically, was working in a flower shop. From there she started her own business, then went on to reign supreme in almost every balloon folding competition she entered. Yes, there are balloon competitions, and believe me, they are fierce.* She garnered the attention of the art and fashion community with her haute couture dresses made from balloons. Currently, Hosokai is showing a solo exhibition at Sunday Issue, an art/lounge space in Shibuya. The show will run until September 5th. She plans to unveil a spectrum of new work under the art direction of frequent collaborator Takashi Kawada of kotenhits.


(*I have no knowledge or affiliation with balloon competitions, but can only imagine how fierce they can be, merely due to the lack of oxygen the competitors are deprived of. The statement was merely for entertainment purposes for the benefit of this blog and you loyal readers out there.)  


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