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Doppelganger at Metropark

Doppelganger has some freshness. They just dropped their Fall/Winter 2011 teaser lookbook video and it looks amazing. I know Fall/Winter 2011 seems like a galaxy far, far away, but in the men’s fashion world if you are starting to talk about this time frame now, you are pretty much too late. Stay. Ahead. Of. The. […]

Ode to the Holiday Office Party

Well it’s that time of year ladies and gentleman…a time for awkward punch bowl small talk, cheesy Holiday decorations and generally really bad dance moves. No, I’m not talking about the Winter Formal, but the inevitable Holiday Office Party. Yes, once a year we walk that fine line between fun and professional that leaves some […]

Lovely Dress

Browsing through Metropark’s new arrivals I came across this AMAZING dress! I was going to attempt to make something similar to this, but now I don’t have to =) I’m loving the color blends in the dress, so I pulled out some orange hues in the jewelry and made this imaginary mannequin rock some black […]

Hello Russia…

Its a rainy day here in L.A. and I’m over winter. Apparently there are actually some really fun things to do in the winter climate that I just never got the memo of… Like in Russia (I can only think of Sara Palin saying hello and waving to Russia), anyways, they are building mounds of […]

It’s OK to be a little CLICHE’ this VALENTINES DAY.

If you’re not into the whole dressy shmessy deal and still want to dress up for Valentines Day…Here’s an alternative option to the dress or skirt dealio. Be a little cliche’ and wear a heart on Valentines Day, it’s OK…by me atleast =) Also, spark up your look with a little red glitter nail polish. […]

Looking for something to wear?

Yo ladies, having a hard time in the morning worrying about what to wear? Well here’s a little help! I think its an awesome look when you mix prints. Here’s a cool example of plaid with subtle stripes. Add some silver accents to pull the color of the stripes and off you go! Obey Burnside […]

Armsrocks Street Art

Super awesome street art creatively made with light by Armsrocks! They will be projected on walls and surfaces around Copenhagen from February 10th to the 28th. More info here.

Germany to Metropark

My friend in Germany wore this pretty amazing outfit and I took it upon myself to see what I can do with Metropark’s closet to emulate it….heres my go. Metropark Black Framed Clear Lens Glasses Metropark Mini Cupcake Stud Earrings Metropark Ditsy Scarf Metropark Twist Shoulder Tunic Dress Metropark Gem Stretch Bracelet Metropark Hematite & […]

Kane and Unke

“Exclusively sold at Metropark, last-name-derived K&U’s an LA-based line of understated dude-duds started by childhood pals who both worked in the clothing industry (Kane in sales at Sean John; Unke designing private label gear) before up and quitting to create their own collection thanks to a shared desire to “stop working on somebody else’s vision.” […]

The Explosive Art of Cai Guo-Qiang

On display through March 2010, The Philadelphia Museum of Art will feature exhibits by the Taiwanese artist, Cai Guo-Qiang, known best for his explosive work in the medium of gunpowder. Cai Guo-Qiang: Fallen Blossoms consists of a poetic meditation on the passing of time, memory, and memorializing. Fallen Blossoms: Explosion Project was a site-specific explosion […]