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Tara McPherson x kidrobot + Lost Constellations

Metropark is a big fan of Tara McPherson’s work. Her toys and art are some of the most creative around. Her bio touts that she creates art about people and their odd ways, her characters seem to exude an idealized innocence with a glimpse of hard earned wisdom in their eyes. Yes, please? She will […]

Alan MacDonald

Alan MacDonald’s paintings blend the subject and style of the European Renaissance masters with modern day consumerism and pop culture. Consequently, you will see many of the subjects of his paintings drinking popular beverages, eating junk food, riding on scooters, etc. “There is a cool, quiet elegance to Alan Macdonald’s paintings, which belies the disequilibrium […]

Crisis = Creativity

The WHO has raised the Swine Flu—which you can follow in this map or through Twitter—to alert level 5, which means a pandemic is imminent. Not funny. Some people, however, are having fun. Wait, you can follow Swine Flu on Twitter? That seems a bit much. In Mexico everyone is wearing masks. People are getting bored of wearing the […]

Damien Hirst x Harley Davidson

Working from his Gloucestershire studios, Hirst decorated the Harley-Davidson Cross Bones bike using his own ‘spin-painting’ technique. The artist’s unusual method involved pouring paint over the bike as it spins around on a platform. Hirst’s multi-hued Harley is expected to fetch more than £70,000 in next week’s Project Angel Food charity auction and bidding will […]

Stereovision 3D Furniture

First of all: I already have an issue with bumping into my coffee table. Now you want to throw off my depth perception too? Second: I put my Hannah Montana Best of Both Worlds 3d glasses on and let me tell you something, It don’t work. All in all a clever, contemporary, Stereovision 3D piece designed by John Nouanesing.


Genius.   Source.

Slapping Your Troubles Away

DJ Steve Porter chops up Vince Shlomi’s nuts.

New Jack Swing

Here’s something you don’t see every day. An anonymous band of merrymaking fun-mongers boarded a northbound train on San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit system, installed three red swings, and disembarked. According to witnesses, a team of six or so people hopped on to a north-bound train from 24th Street station in San Francisco around […]

Bear Surgeon

Tara Logsdon has made it her life’s mission to rescue abandoned teddy bears from the depths of thrift store despair. Through her label, EKL Bearmy, she provides unloved bears with high-class upcycling, using worn-out designer bags to transform the derelict toys into much sought-after works of art. The textile taxidermist repairs dismembered appendages using only hand-stitching techniques. Tara also removes the nose […]


Ever wanted to design your own t-shirts and hoodies? Well, with help from Scion and Hypebeast now you can.  Kut From A Different Cloth  is looking for “top fashion designers and graphic mavens” for their enter to win fashion design contest. The prizes for the top four designs are HUGE. First prize – 10k Second prize […]