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Hurley x Brandon Boyd

Well there’s a name that’s been out of the lime light for a minute, but it seems that Incubus front man, Brandon Boyd is back in the news with his latest art endeavor, a huge mural at’s H-Space in Costa Mesa, California. The mural went up on April 7th. More photos and info can […]

Leto Goes Cobain

To commemorate 17 years since Kurt Cobain’s death, Jared Leto released this video of himself as Kurt. Singing “Penny Royal” and “Rape Me” off Nirvana’s album In Utero.

Galliano Fired From Dior

In other non Two & a Half Men news, now infamous uber designer & part time wannabe pirate, John Galliano was fired from Dior for making some egregious racial remarks that he made last week while plastered in a French cafe. I can’t wait for the new season of Celebrity Rehab. Dior’s president and CEO, […]

Daft Punk x Coca-Cola???

Interesting combo. Kudos to Daft Punk for following up their uber successful Tron campaigns with a customized Coca-Cola bottle coming this March. One silver along with one gold decorated coke bottle to signify each of the Dynamic Daft Duo’s respective helmets. Apparently these will be available both in the clubs as well in the prerequisite […]

Coachella Conversations – Dave1 (Chromeo) + Eric Haze

Coachella has been doing some interesting marketing lately with the 2011 festival on the horizon. They’ve launched Coachella Conversations that links an iconic artist with an iconic musician. Most of our readers will know Dave1, who is one half of the dynamic talkbox duo of Chromeo. ALL of our readers will pretty much know Eric […]

Nicole Richie – Addicted to Love

Good to see Nicole Richie rocking this Chaser tee that we’ve had in for a few days now. Available in stores and online HERE!

He’s Baaaaack!

In a campaign to continue to promote his Oscar nominated movie Exit Through the Gift Shop, our favorite street artist Banksy is at it again, this time in Hollywood, California. Many are wondering if he wins an Oscar will Banksy finally reveal himself to the world? What do you think he’ll do? This piece first […]

Deerhunter x Rodarte

One would imagine that after watching Dakota Fanning in the Denzel Washington joint “Man on Fire” that it was impossible for the world to spit out another child actress that preternaturally talented. You would have been wrong in that assumption. Along comes her sister Elle and like her big sister she’s makin’ all the right […]

The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers have a shiny new video written and directed by Tom Scharplin (of “The Best Show” on WFMU fame) built around the conceit of being the trailer for a faux biopic of the band. A bandopic, if you will. And in case you were hungry for cameos this video has them in spades. […]

Moustache is Good

This creative and silly website is dedicated to all the famous mustaches in the world. Go to the site (it’s in French), take a picture of yourself, try on all the various mustaches and save them to show off to all your friends how silly you look with a Chaplin ‘stache. You can even upload […]