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‘The Unaddressed’ by Fauxreel. Toronto Canada. Source

What Is Love?

The Steve Powers aka ESPO Love Letter Project is lovely. 50 painted walls throughout a section of Philadelphia- “Love Letter” will also encompass two books, a documentary film, a sign school and a shop to provide training in sign design for the local youth.  ESPO has launched the project sponsored by Pew Center for Arts […]

People of Walmart

My new favorite site (this week) is… People of Walmart was founded in August of 2009 by three friends and roommates after an inspirational trip to WalMart. Let’s face it; we all have seen the people who obviously don’t have mirrors and/or family and friends to lock them in a basement, and they all seem […]


Adam Michael Goldstein (March 30, 1973 – August 28, 2009) Super sad news from NY.  AM will be missed by many.   DJ AM’s passing is a major loss to the DJ community. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Man, 2009 has been rough. More

A Little in Advance…

But here’s something to put on your calendars if you are in New York on September 5th. Some of the LA’s finest DJs will be flown out there for the kickoff.

Barneby Gates Wallpaper

Quintessentially English with a twist is the best way to describe these gorgeous designs from Barneby Gates. These new kids on the printing block produce beautiful wallpapers that embrace the past with a distinctive contemporary wit. Patterns show typical English influences of country houses, floral decor and heraldry, but on closer inspection have design details […]

Keetra Dean Dixon

She’s been around for awhile. And is most well known for her Anonymous Hugging Wall, which is pretty much a giant blanket with arm holes so you can get hugged by a random stranger. She had a nice body of work with a bunch of positive message projects (perfect for a Friday afternoon)! Rest Your […]

Freestyle Femme Fatale

Reebok is giving female comic book fans and fashion lovers something to rejoice over with the release of the Wonder Woman inspired Reebok Freestyle. Taking inspiration from Wonder Woman’s trademark outfit the Reebok Freestyle Feme Fatale feature a blue star-spangled heel tab, metallic red upper with metallic gold accenting and gold lace stays that represent […]

Learn Something Everyday.

The Manchester based design company Young has given the world a fun little “one a day” learn something new blog. The blog features simple single line drawings that look like a child in second grade drew, but include a fun and smart facts that you may not already know.

Scott Jarvie Chair

Scott Jarvie made this amazing chair using 10,000 drinking straws. Doesn’t look like it’d really hold me up and it would definitely leave a nice little print all over the back of my legs, but it looks super cool and is also supposed to be a commentary on the disposable culture of our society.