Daily Archives: Aug 28, 2010


Etsy user LowLevel‘s work is simple: “All stencils are handmade. I use spray paint.” But the series of posters he creates are anything but simple, not because the technique is complex, but the subjects he paints are. Each poster features a historical icon – from the Dic of all dictators Fidel Castro, literary iconoclast Jack Kerouac, blue-eyed crooner Frank Sinatra and many more. […]


Sihouette cutting is an extremely rare art form these days, but one man is still practicing, or rather, mastering, the all but lost form of portraiture. Master scissor artist Karl Johnson cuts each vintage-inspired silhouette entirely by hand. He simply looks at the person’s profile, either in person or in a photo, and starts cutting the […]

The Heidelberg Project

Another great example of creative urban renewal is Tyree Guyton’s 24-year-strong mission, The Heidelberg Project, where the forgotten neighborhood on Heidelberg Street in Detroit’s East Side has been turned into an outdoor art exhibition. Similar to the Favela project in Brazil, the Heidelberg Project is about healing communities through art. Guyton, founder and artistic director of the Project, […]