Daily Archives: Aug 6, 2010

Kenna- Freetime

This video is about 9 months old, but I came across it today and it totally turned my day around.  Maybe, it’s just because the tale that these sneaks tell hits a little close to home, or maybe it’s how wonderfully expressive our lower limbs can actually be.  Either way I really enjoyed watching this somewhat […]

50 of the worst food in America

Ok so I have to agree that eating any of these 50 items would make me feel terribly gross and gain a couple 10 pounds, but man….they all (but a few) look so delishhhh! Here are some of the delishness items that will probably clog your arteries, but make you very happy while eating. In […]

Here’s a little taste of Kanye’s new single “Power”. It’s only about 2 minutes long but from the video’s neo-classical/Rococco aesthetic (check that ginourmous gold chain) I think it’s safe to assume Ye’s ego is still very much in charge of this game. If you feel like a daily dose of hilarity follow him on […]

Kanye’s “Power”