Daily Archives: Aug 20, 2010


On Thursday, August 12, Scandinavian furniture giant IKEA unveiled their SURREALISTIKA kitchen sculpture as part of the Barbican Centre‘s Surreal House Exhibition. The sculpture celebrates creativity in design, bringing fantasy, imagination and the household to life. It incorporates the natural beauty of the Silver Birch tree intertwined with elements of an every day kitchen sitting […]


The iPhone and Summer pretty much go hand-in-hand – to call your girls to go to the pool or your boys to meet for a movie. And JD Hancock has brought the two together in a series of photos that creates the ultimate summer scenes with miniature figures, using the ultimate gadget, the iPhone. Hancock transforms […]

More Gaga for Gaga

News broke that Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour [November 2009 – April 2011] is estimated to gross $200M worldwide according to Billboard, putting her in a league not of her own perse, but one shared only with the likes of the few including Madonna and u2. So I gotta ask, why are we so gaga for […]

Familiar Strangers

Japanese artist Yoskay Yamamoto fuses inspiration from his heritage and Japanese mythology with the pop iconography from his new Western home in his work. His art has been described as a nostalgic blend of urban pop art and traditional and mythical Japanese elements. Interestingly, Yamamoto comments on the process of discovery that help defines his […]

You Play Beautifully

Artist Raymond Uhlir’s work in oil enamel on canvas and gouache and ink on paper feels like it picks up where Yellow Submarine left off.  In his works, allegorical characters and ideologies clash sharply with cartoonish backgrounds. His visual narratives seem to touch on many of the cultural themes that help to define the vibe […]

Stop, Pop & Roll

At a glance, Brooklyn-based street artist Aakash Nihalani‘s work looks somewhat like blatant photoshop pieces. But in reality, it’s bright-colored tape physically embedded into various places on the street. Nihalani sees beauty in cinder block, brick buildings or a street sign, otherwise mundane things to the average Joe. He brings out extra dimensions that incite passersby […]

Closet Vandal

Understated graffiti. Is there such a thing? Ilan Dei, an innovative designer, has designed a collection called “Awake Your Inner Vandal: Well-Behaved Graffiti in you Home,” that combines well-crafted, contemporary furniture with urban graffiti. But instead of making the graffiti the focal point, it is hidden within the piece and can only be seen wholly from […]

The Influence

What would you get if Peter Gabriel sang hard-rock? Virginia Beach based rockers The Influence seem a likely candidate. The best way to describe their sound is crunchy, tight, 90’s style hard rock. Anyone who can shred a wicked rock solo is a welcome relief from the sometimes monotonous lo-fi aesthetic currently strangling pop music […]

The Return of Sufjan

When we last heard from Sufjan, the cipher of indie rock dropped a symphonic look at the BQE on us, a kind of love note indie symphony of precious melodies and delicately soaring brass that expounded on the virtues of a New York freeway. A man after Robert Moses’ heart if I ever saw one. […]