Daily Archives: Aug 27, 2010

X-Ray-ted Part Deux

X-rays. They’re so hot right now. First, sexy skeletons, now sexy flowers? Ok, maybe not, but yet another post about using x-ray machines creatively. Hugh Turvey has been fascinated since childhood with getting underneath the surface of things, and you can’t get any more ‘under the surface’ than an x-ray. Turvey first experimented with x-ray […]

The Hello Wall

Wasted Spaces is a non-profit organization created to help stem the decaying effect of empty and disused buildings on local areas, while also providing artists with free exhibition space and a chance to reach a wider audience. By recycling disused buildings, Wasted Spaces animates local areas, brings local artists together with new communities and encourages […]

Balloon Chic

The Japanese just do everything right, especially when it comes to fashion, creativity and innovation. Rie Hosokai, aka Daisy Balloon,┬áis no exception. Hosokai was introduced to balloon art in 2002 when she, ironically, was working in a flower shop. From there she started her own business, then went on to reign supreme in almost every […]