Monthly Archives: March 2010

the notorious xx

San Francisco DJ/Producer, wait what‘s, curiosity got the best of him, when he wondered what would sound like hearing Juicy over VCR? The answer to that question led to the notorious xx. The album features Notorious B.I.G.‘s lyrics “chopped, sliced and mashed up” with London’s, The xx debut album, xx.  As wait what says “while their […]


Have a look at some of this well orchestrated madness — brought to you by UK based illustrator, Leigh Flurry. More here. via

A gif To You

Some may call this a Time Waster of the Day, but I say this enhances the day. I bring you Gifs of Popular Rappers. No About Us page, no descriptions or commentary, just rappers in a graphics interchange format. Enough said. Enjoy. Via Raaaaaaaandy

A Case Of Flash Delirium

Our young friend, Andrew, confides in his psychiatrist that he’s been having strange dreams and feeling out of sorts.  Being the clever fellow that he is the good doctor diagnoses Andrew with a case of Flash Delirium, and “medicine” is administered to treat his delusions. Looks like it didn’t work. MGMT just dropped their first […]

Erykah Badu “Window Seat”

Ms. Fat Belly Bella announced on her twitter page today that she would be performing a “secret” show at Los Angeles’ The El Rey Theatre on March 30 at 9pm.  Shortly after reading the news I ran across the official video for “Window Seat.”  The song is a gorgeous lament on love and loss which […]

Going Up

When you drop major cash on something, you want to at least be able to look at it whenever you want, wherever you want. That was the simple request a new homeowner in Japan had when discussing the floorplan with architect, Takuya Tsuchida. “I want a 9-car garage and be able to enjoy viewing one […]

Paper Lashes

Paper near the eye, one of the most sensitive parts of the body, doesn’t seem ideal (i.e. the papercut), but for the sake of beauty, us girls will do anything. Chunwei Liao, founder of cardboard and paper design company, Paperself, has introduced a line of intricately crafted false eyelashes that incorporates the traditional Chinese art of […]

Titus Andronicus

Titus Andronicus continues today’s theme of bands with classically inspired names (2010’s version of the Wolf meme from a few years ago) this one being lifted from the Shakespeare play of the same name. For a post-punk garage band the bloody and brutal play serves as an honorable piece of source material. Belo is their […]

Street Stitching

Traditional needle craft meets modern urban street art. No need to get your hands dirty with the Krylon when you can intricately stitch a picture of it. Each pack contains all you need to cross stitch your way to a beautifully finished piece of urban tapestry, of which any great home would be proud to […]


No, not the 19th Century composer of ominous classical jamz. Seriously, it’s not him.  This is New Wave/Chill Wave hot off the indie presses. Killing sets at this year’s SXSW, this trio doesn’t even have an official release yet but if you scurry over to their site you can download their demo tracks for the […]