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Crazy Canadian Culinary Adventures

Unlike most people, these crazy Canadian cooks aren’t looking to shave off a few pounds, find the new healthy way of cooking, or to watch their caloric intake. No, these guys are all about meat, bacon, Jack Daniels, cheese, and creating a meal that will give you a heart attack after a few bites. With […]

Choc Chic

Chocolate and shoes – a girl’s perfect combo. Yeah, yeah. Sounds cliche, but c’mon girls, it’s true. Chocolate shaped like shoes that you can eat? Even better. Frances Cooley is a boutique cake maker and trained chocolatier. Her love affair with chocolate began at the age of five, when her mom bought a block of chocolate […]

Food & Typography & Illustrations

There are foods that are nothing without the other, like peanut butter & jelly, spaghetti & meatballs, coffee & donuts. Now combine those dynamic duos with font’s counterpart, the ampersand aka ‘&’, in a brilliant series by illustrator and graphic designer, Dan Beckemeyer. In Ampersand Food Groups: Typography Illustrations, Beckemeyer creates digital illustrations of the almighty ampersand made out […]

Altered Plates

Ever wondered what it would be like to eat a scone off Dr. Spock’s face? Yeah, me neither, but now you can find out…kind of. Beat Up Creations‘ “Altered Antique Plates” take classic decorative plates and use a transfer and heat technique to seal an iconic pop culture image onto them. They take “orphaned and unloved” […]

50 of the worst food in America

Ok so I have to agree that eating any of these 50 items would make me feel terribly gross and gain a couple 10 pounds, but man….they all (but a few) look so delishhhh! Here are some of the delishness items that will probably clog your arteries, but make you very happy while eating. In […]

Theurel & Thomas

When you think Mexico you don’t think French Macaroon. Duh. Located in San Pedro, Latin America’s most affluent suburb, Theurel & Thomas is the first pâtisserie in Mexico specialized in the macaroon, the beautifully delicate and popular French pastry. To feel like you’re walking into a patisserie in the middle of Mexico, design studio Anagrama has […]

Lunch Box

Three Blind Ants is a design team that has come up with a way to make outdoor picnics hip. Although, I didn’t realize eating outside needed to get any more awesome. Three Blind Ants has created the Boxsal, a pretty, fun, picnic in a box. Each locally produced Boxsal comes in a different design – […]


In a restaurant, the word “app” usually refers to an “appetizer.” But at Global Mundo Tapas, a restaurant in Sydney, Australia, “app” has a slightly different meaning. The restaurant’s menu has been replaced with the MenuPad app for the Apple iPad. It was only a matter of time until this happened somewhere. You can already read a book […]

Kombucha WHAT

Have you noticed your favorite atomic mushroom-cloud beverage missing from Whole Foods shelves lately? Kombucha tea, the uber-cure-all-drink favored by everyone from the Ancient Chinese who allegedly invented it to the crunchy granolas who recently popularized it to the health foodies, hipsters, and Lindsey Lohan who now consume it en masse, actually contains more alcohol […]

Give Gum a Second Chance

Don’t you hate stepping in gum or let alone seeing the ground covered in gross bacteria filled chewed gum? Well so does Anna Bullus, she has invented the worlds first process that transforms people’s used nasty gum into plastic called BRGP (Bullus Recycled Gum Plastic) that can be used for injection and blow molding. Using […]