Daily Archives: Aug 26, 2010

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Detroit duo Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (Joshua Epstein and Daniel Zott) come out of left field with a sound that’s closer to Sufjan Steven’s than anything a typical NASCAR fan would probably be caught listening to. On their debut four song EP “Horse Power” they tread a fair bit of ground including noisy folk and […]

Big Stone

When you’re a sculptor, the next natural step in your career is mini-golf course designer, right? For artist Bruce Stillman, it was. A long-time fan and creator of landscape sculpture, Stillman decided to turn his Minnetrista, MN farm into a fully functioning mini-golf course, with his works standing in as the props and obstacles to hit […]


UK artist Patrick Hughes creates “Reverspective” art. What is Reverspective art? Glad you asked:  Reverspectives are three-dimensional paintings that when viewed from the front initially give the impression of viewing a painted flat surface that shows a perspective view. However as soon as the viewer moves their head even slightly the three dimensional surface that […]


Whatever your opinion is on birds (personally, they freak me out), you have to appreciate the work in Andrew Zuckerman‘s “Bird” series. They’re beautiful, colorful pieces of our feathered friends/foe. But what’s most shocking and interesting about these pieces is that they are 100% real photographs, not paintings or digital creations. The colors are so vivid, the textures […]