Monthly Archives: January 2010

Feeling Lucky?

Where is Chuck Norris? 1. Go to google. 2. Type ‘where is chuck norris’ into the search box. 3. Click ‘I’m Feeling Lucky.’ Here’s what you get. Clever. via

Creative Recreation

So Creative Recreation, you know the sneakers, have dropped a sneak peek of their 2010 spring line… What do you guys think? Do they take your dad’s bad Hawaiian shirt and make it a hip shoe or are these falling short?

J. D. Salinger – 13 Short Stories

Known for one of the “100 best English-language novels written since 1923” (Time Magazine), the enigmatic J.D. Salinger passes away at the age of 91.  Courtesy of the New Yorker, 13 short stories from 1946-1965 have been brought out from the archives for our reading pleasure. Enjoy!

Jonatan Cantero Illustration

Jonatan Cantero is a Brazilian illustrator creating all kinds of magical and mysterious illustrations that take you to, albeit creepy, youthful place.

Video Clip of the Day

Aaaaaaamazing! Gosh the 80’s were great! And this is Lori Loughlin pre Full House.

College Advice?

I wish I would have seen this info graphic before I went to college, could have helped me make some really important decisions. Or it would have just made me laugh, a lot.

Pee Wee gets and iPad.

So I was going to refrain from talking about the iPad because there’s too much buzz going on around it and I personally was a bit disappointed. I mean do I really need a giant iTouch? Didn’t think so. Anyhow, Pee Wee Herman and his gang did a review of sorts that I really felt […]


Hand drawn, limited edition, custom engraved leather Moleskine covers from MyOrb. Nicely done indeed. Small Book — $150 Large Book — $200 Email for availability via

Wild Thing(s)

Brilliant video-mash from Hugh Atkin. Where The Wild Things Are vs. The Sopranos. Language definitely NSFW. via

“Please Pardon Me, Please Pardon Me, I’m Sorry I’m so Sparkly, I don’t say this normally, but please excuse my Ornaments”

 Gucci Mane’s(featured on Mariah Carey “Obsessed”, So Icey with Young Jeezy among many others) bravado juxtaposed with Diplo’s (M.I.A., Major Lazer, Let’s not forget Top Ranking w/ Santogold)eccentric method of arrangement.  Allow us to do all the work for you. (320kbps DL) oh yeah, GUCCI!!