Beasties Leaks!

So the Beastie Boys new record, Hot Sauce Committee Pt. 2 has apparently leaked onto the interwebs. So in response, the three brooklynites have streamed the entire record on their Soundcloud page. Enjoy. Oh and it’s the dirty version because it was the clean version that leaked.

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Flux Pavilion’s Bass Cannon Official Video

Lol @ the youtube description of the video:

The scientist Flux and his minion Doctor P perform some perverted audio experiments on some unwilling candidates in the official video to Bass Cannon!

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Hobo With A Shotgun


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Tree House of Your Dreams

After starting construction in 1993, the Minister’s House in Crossville, Tennessee stands 10 stories tall. The home was started by Horace Burgess believed that God spoke to him and told him to build the tree house.

Analog Everything

With the rise of the internet, the ease of taking your laptop everywhere, and streaming Netflix, the age of analog is surely coming to an end. For those of you who are still purists, or maybe just love a little throw back, check out these awesome Animi Causa notebooks!

Available here for only $21!!!


Following up last week’s introductory post on Odd Future, I wanted to highlight Frank Ocean. OK, that is an understatement. You have to know about Frank Ocean.

Frank Ocean is far and away one of the most talented musicians of recent note. His record Nostalgia, Ultra is a complex work of art that crosses all traditional boundaries.

Download Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia, Ultra Here

Known as Christopher “Lonny” Breux, but officially changed it to Christopher Frank Ocean last year was born in good ole New Orleans, LA. The 23 year old transplanted his life to Los Angeles around the same time as Hurricane Katrina and in the process took the music industry by storm. Terrible analogy I know, but his album Nostalgia, Ultra dropped a few months back to a wide range of praises. And by dropped, I mean he released it for free on the interwebs. Standing in the cloud of Odd Future fury is a unique place, but Mr. Ocean’s talents is what is setting the crooner in his own dimension. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, Frank is a singer and not a rapper.

He has had a whirlwind of attention lately. From releasing a picture while working with Beyonce on his twitter account, to writing for Justin Bieber and John Leged to the countless comparisons to R & B legend, R. Kelly. Whoa…

Here’s the highlight reel to Frank’s releases… So far, as there are going to be a great deal many more.

Swim Good is sooooooo infectious that it leaves you wanting to press your rewind button over and over over again even if

Novacane is the second cut off of Nostalgia, Ultra and solidified my praise for Ocean. The surreality that all men seem to want, “the model broad with the Hollywood smile,” leaves you salivating and wanting Ocean’s 2010 Coachella fun.

Pyrite (Fool’s Gold) is just Frank’s Swag and a guitar. Yes please.

Strawberry Swing is one the best songs ever I think. Ok. that’s a far fetched thing to say. Ocean takes edits and instrumentals of some great tunes like Coldplay’s sleeper here and reinterprets them for some brandnewness. If this doesn’t fully encapsulate the title of the album Nostalgia, Ultra, I am not sure what does…

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More Joe King For Rook at Metropark

We posted a few days back announcing the arrival of Joe King for Rook exclusives at Metropark.

Here we meet Joe and partner in crime Jon Garcia, talking about the formation and evolution of the concept.

Also a time lapse video to the Angel of Death Tee

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Artists Helping Japan

Some of the most amazing artists (and some of my personal favorites) are doing their part to help Japan by donating some of their amazing art to help benefit all those who have suffered in Japan for the last month.
Now it’s your turn to do your part and bid on some of these amazing pieces and not only help someone in need, but get something awesome to show for it! Prices range from $25-$1800.

Audrey Kawasaki

Harmony Gong Ema

Florence Pacho Ema

Check out all the artists here!

Hurley x Brandon Boyd

Well there’s a name that’s been out of the lime light for a minute, but it seems that Incubus front man, Brandon Boyd is back in the news with his latest art endeavor, a huge mural at’s H-Space in Costa Mesa, California.

The mural went up on April 7th. More photos and info can be found on Hurley’s blog.

Marion Bolognesi

I’ve seen Marion Bolognesi‘s paintings around the internet before, but have never gotten the chance to see the full gamut of her work. While stumbling around I found a link to her web portfolio and I’m just beside myself with awe for her talent.