Monthly Archives: January 2011

Where is B.F. Egypt?

I don’t want to go getting too political, or even really want to talk about politics at all, especially all the noise that’s going on in Egypt. What I do want to touch on is this screen shot of Fox News showing us where Egypt really is, just incase you didn’t know. Enough said. via.


MNDR is gonna be big this year, count on it. The New York duo of Amanda Warner and Peter Wade write the nerdiest blog posts about their gear, craft slick dance jams with electronic heavyweights like Diplo, and are currently touring the US with electric dance rockers Chromeo. The latest single “Cut Me Out” is […]

Troublemaker and Josh Madden Present Alabama Worley

The Joshes sat in the living room and made this the other night. While selecting songs for the mix we started reminiscing about how fly Patricia Arquette was in True Romance (bites knuckle).  Remember when she says, “Amid the chaos of that day, when all I could hear was the thunder of gunshots, and all […]

The ’87 Stick Up Kids- Lights, Camera…

As you prolly already know “Lights, Camera” is the  first release off of The ’87 Stick Up Kids upcoming full length, Car Keys & Rabbit’s Feet. Well, they’ve got a video to go with track now.  Directed by Tyler King, the video is as dark and brollick as the track itself produced by Troublemaker (King […]

Memory Tapes

Here’s some relaxed new material from Memory Tapes, taken from the “LOVE SIC DISCO” compilation which, as luck would have it, can be downloaded in its entirety here to celebrate the label’s 100th release. According to the group’s blog the track, “Today is Our Life”, will appear on the band’s forthcoming sophomore full-length.

House Industries- The Trailer

Cue up a kaleidoscope of House Industries techniques, substrates, disciplines and muscle memory compressed into high-definition pixels and actively matrixed through modulated electroluminescence with an audio lesson from The Bird and The Bee. The House Industries trailer is directed by Andy Cruz and filmed by Carlos Alejandro.

Lego Your Bird, Angry

Now I know I’m way behind the times, or maybe I’m just trying to not fall into the endless addictive abyss that is Angry Birds, but I just can’t download it. That being said, I have played it, and I’ll give it credit, it’s a fun game. Designer Tsang Yiu Keung obviously thinks far more […]

Best Coast

In an era of music that is completely defined by a band’s ability to exploit the supernova of blogs and ride the chillwave of fame to it’s highest heights few stand out more than Bethany Cosentino and her band Best Coast. She tweets like there’s no tomorrow, a stream-of-consciousness that touches on celebs, her workout […]

You Will Regret This

Now I’m pretty sure we’ve blogged about Regretsy before. If you haven’t been there before, you should check it out. It’s good for tons of giggles. Today while seeing what goods had made it to their site I came across this spectacular specimen of a “DIY guitar” and I almost had a heart attack. Now […]

Useless Designer Product of the Day

Have you ever run out of gas? Well I have, several times more than a few, and I’ve always wanted to just carry around one of those cool little containers that AAA always has, now I know it’s completely illegal, but if it wasn’t I’d totally want mine to look like this: Designed by Death […]