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This is the social networking era where you are constantly updated on what someone is doing, who they’re with, where they are and why they’re  there – whether boring or not, whether you want to or not. But the creators of Tumblr blog, Every Day Posters Every Day, aka EDPED, feel that no activity in your life is too boring or mundane. […]

Happy 250th

To celebrate its upcoming 250th anniversary in 2011, the world’s largest art supply brand, Faber-Castell USA, has produced a “little” gift – a massive art set consisting of pencils, crayons, pastels galore and any other art tool you can imagine. This birthday box set is a limited edition set, available exclusively at Colette during the month of October. […]

Pantone Visa

Finally, better designs to choose from for your credit card, other than an American flag, puppies, kittens or a damn sports team. Visa has come up with a brilliant marketing plan targeting all the shopaholic graphic designers out there, apparently, giving them more reason to charge it. The PANTONE Visa Platinum Rewards Card comes in five […]

Bodies in Urban Spaces

On the weekends, the suits of New York City’s Financial District are done with the daily grind for a few days, so the streets are mostly populated with tourists exploring Wall Street. Little did they know early last Sunday morning, that they would get to witness a unique street performance choreographed by Willi Dorner, in connection […]

Blossom Buddies

Elsa Mora is a Cuban artist that grew up poor, but only in the material sense of the word. She was and is emotionally rich because she was surrounded by the most fascinating and supporting people in her life, including her autistic son Diego who is a driving force in her life and work daily. Her outlook […]

37 Posters

Graphic design x typography x movies = 37P. Combine these three aspects and you get the amazingly clever series of posters from 37 Posters. Each poster depicts a visual icon from a movie filled with the simple text of great lines from that film, with one or two gems in the forefront. The gallery quality Giclée print on natural white, matte, […]

Type of Art

Click-click-click-click-click-ding! The sound of a typewriter. A pretty uncommon sound these days, unless you’re Keira Rathbone. Rathbone uses her vintage 1960’s typewriter and types letters, numbers, and punctuation on the keyboard repetitively onto a piece of paper to create some pretty impressive art. The letters and symbols that are used in place of brushstrokes become unrecognizable and only beautiful enigmatic images are […]

Lister x Standard NY

Australian artist Anthony Lister put his mark on the storefront windows of The Standard Hotel New York. Superheroes make an obvious appearance and serve as inspiration for Lister’s work. Along with paintings, Lister creates mini-masks, shields and swords, which are all for sale at The Standard shop, each as individual pieces of art, acrylic on […]

Cut it Out

No, these are not stenciled. This is the art of leaf cutting from Nature’s Art in China. Natural leaf carving is actual manual cutting and the intricate removal of a leaf’s surface to produce an image. The process of carving is performed by artists using tools to carefully remove the surface without cutting or removing the […]

Fold and Play

From the green people at OrigAudio, comes an innovative project combining tunes and technology with environmentally friendly material. Fold & Play Recycled Speakers are portable, self-powered speakers made entirely of the recycled cardboard from old newspapers, phone books, and pizza boxes – both the packaging and the outside of the speaker itself. As the name suggests, the speakers […]