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Happy Halloween – Epic Ewok Win!

Just cause… Ewoks Drinking, Moonwalking and Humpin…

Dynamic Duo

Select works from Valístika Studio: From Spain with Love The Valístika Project is the combined works and efforts of artists/designers Guadalupe Cos-Gayon Alía and Miguel Abio Ruiz. “They have worked together as the creative direction & design team since 2006. They work on a range of projects  including art direction, design, illustration and custom typography […]


Shwood, the Portland label making classic shades frames out of wood, recently launched their Canby Model. The Canby, which debuted in July 2009, is available in Zebrawood, Maple or Wenge -a darker, tropical hardwood [each pictured below.] Also new from the company, the Govy, [pictured above] which features the same trendy, unique look only in a […]

Ron Artest: Afghan Women

Sort of speechless here. Ron Artest is truly a unique anomaly. Here he is voicing his thoughts on the mistreatment on Afghan Women. Respect due Ron!

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Finally… Official Cold Chillin’

I wish I had pics of my old bootleg beat up Cold Chillin’ tee. First off it’s XL. But when I copped it back in the day no one was rocking the proper sizing. I think we all would have laughed at skinny jeans in 1996. Whoa… The Cold Chillin’ Records discography is as classic […]

Kasabian Football Hero

Someone put a team together to create a giant three-story Guitar Hero* game to be played by kicking soccer balls at a warehouse wall. Even cooler than that, I think, is that this was all done officially as a music video of sorts for Kasabian, whose song is what’s being played. There’s also a behind […]

Closer To Spock

Perfectly executed. via

Art Becomes Life

People often times buy racing car video games to whip around cars that they never will in real life. Whether it’s a Ferrari 430 Spyder or a Nissan Skyline GT-R, racing games give players a small taste of the real thing; cars that cost too much to buy and aren’t worth the cost of renting. […]

DJ Heroes

Once upon a time a DJ’s setup consisted of two Technics 1200s, their mixer of choice and a pair of time-tested needles. Even when Serato came out and all but wiped out people spinning vinyl, the set up remained the same. And while the release of the video game DJ Hero (Activision) probably won’t  make […]