Monthly Archives: December 2009

Magic Wands

Here’s another killer clip by psychedelic guitar duo Magic Wands. I love their low-fi aesthetic and the way singers Chris and Dexy weave their softly crooned vocals into the layers of synth and guitars.

Too Much Of A Good Thing?

Fashion pop quiz: Do these shoes match? via Answer: No, they do not. via Reportedly, Balenciaga recently filed a lawsuit against Steve Madden for “intentionally copying” their lego-inspired heels from their Fall ’07 line. [NY Mag via Cityfile] Maybe there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. After all… A new […]


Street artist TrustoCorp adds some much needed personality to the Metropolitan areas of Los Angeles, Miami and New York City with these nifty, thought provoking hand painted street signs. More here. via

United State of Pop

DJ Earworm presents his annual year-end mashup, once again consisting of the top 25 most popular hit songs of 2009, according to Billboard Magazine. “BLAME IT ON THE POP” Track list here. via

Jon MacNair

They’re creepy, their crawly, and they’re insanely well done. With a little bit of a throw back to Bosh, Jon MacNair‘s paintings are sure to spice up your life!

The Knux

You’ve probably never heard them on the radio unless you live in a really big market but the best thing to happen to Hip Hop since Outkast and Kanye are The Knux. Like The Roots, brothers Krispy Kream and Rah Al Milio play their own instruments and produce their own albums, blending influences as diverse […]

Japan Has Amazing Vending Machines

And it makes me want to move there and use them for everything!!! This one is for fresh produce. Cup of Noodles. Do you think they give you the boiling water too? Beer Vending Machine, good for ever time. How great would this be when the grocery store is closed? Your camera dies, and you […]

Justin Nelson

Dig details? Then you’ll like illustrator Justin Nelson.

Hamster Jazz Band

UK advertisement for spring drinking water…

Snuggies Aside…

Although not a real product these are amazing and could beat your Snuggy, blankie, and regular costume any day of the week!! Created by Mark Newport. View all of them here!