Monthly Archives: October 2010

La Sera

Just in time for Halloween La Sera has dropped a super creepy vid for their single “Never Come Around”. Lilting,melodic jams and singing severed heads are a perfect combo for the creepiest day of the year, right?

Flying Lotus- Kill Your Co-Workers (with kindness)

The weirdest thing happened to me the other day when I was visiting Pattern+Grid world.  So there we were, minding our own business watching the parade when out of no where the robots in the parade started hacking onlookers to pieces.  What’s even stranger is that nobody seemed to mind.  One the of the guys even […]

Ensemble: The Style Of Music (20 Iconic Male Musicians)

L-R: Jim Morrison, Johnny Cash, Kurt Cobain, Kiss, Chet Baker, Michael Jackson, Run DMC, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Elvis Presley, Prince, Kanye West, Marvin Gaye, The Ramones, Andre3000, Pharell Williams, Brandon Flowers, Pete Doherty, The Beatles, Miles Davis. The world of music isn’t just about sounds, but sights too. Any good frontman knows that you’re […]

Rye Rye

Blowing up a couple of years ago with ‘Shake It to the Ground’, Baltimore’s Rye Rye has been fully embraced by the avante hip hop of M.I.A., having been the first artist signed to Maya’s label N.E.E.T. The new vid for Rye’s single “Sunshine” is pretty eponymous, featuring the pint sized b-girl owning the golden […]

Cee-Lo Green: Old Fashioned

Cee-Lo Green has dropped the follow up single to “Forget You” and it’s a monster.  Not needing to be cleaned up for mass consumption, Old Fashioned is a classic R&B ballad.  When he sings “My love is right and it’s timeless”  in that irrepressibly soulful voice you get goose bumps and immediately want to find a partner to […]

Jon Fox

Jon Fox was born in Hereford in 1981 and currently lives and works on the south coast near Bournemouth. He studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton where he began exhibiting work in local galleries on a regular basis and taking commissions while still at university. Since graduating in 2004 he has continued […]

James Blake- Limit To Your Love (Feist Cover)

Having already released the stellar CMYK, a glitch filled opus that defies categorization, James Blake is back with a second offering for 2010, Klavierwerke.  The  title means “piano work” in German, and in marked contrast to his earlier release has very little sampling.  On Klavierwerke Blake lets his voice do most of the heavy lifting to great success.  While “Limit […]

John F Conn Photography

  New York City Subways, Early 1980’s This series is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of New York City. To see more of John F Conn’s work you can got to his website.

The Naked and The Famous present Young Blood

Alright, so it looks like one of those “Oh, Pioneer” certain-name-brand-massive-jean- company commercials where a bunch of stylish young folk throw caution to the wind and go off an outdoorsy adventure, but… I like this song… So, I’ll let it ride.  And, what’s up with the name?  The Naked and The Famous. Irony is dead. […]

Lady Dog Dog

I’m betting that one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year will be some kind of outrageous Lady Gaga get up. And that doesn’t stop at just human gagas… I think these pictures speak for them self.