Monthly Archives: July 2010

Time-Lapse Video: East Berlin Mural with El Mac

Dope graffiti in East Berlin from Los Angeles graffiti artist El Mac. If he looks familiar it’s because he often collaborates with hand style master, Retna, who I just did a post on recently.  Watch the time-lapse video of the wall come to life.  Here are some more examples of El Mac’s work.

Double Rainbow Autotune Remix!

So a couple weeks ago I posted the amazingly funny Double Rainbow youtube video. Remember? Well some uber talented folks decided to remix this video with that funny thing called auto tune! Too funny and catchy!! I warn you now, you will be singing this song ALL DAY LONG!

The Social Network Trailer

Kanye West – Power by niranvb Here’s the new trailer for David Fincher directed, The Social Network, starring the man Michael Cera wishes he could be, Jesse Eisenberg as Mark Zuckerberg.  Aaron Sorkin wrote the script about the Harvard dropout who created everybody’s favorite myspace killer.  The cast also features Rashida Jones and Justin Timberlake in supporting roles in a story about the […]


  RIVERA & RIVERA is pleased to announce a new floor-to-ceiling installation piece by international graffiti artist RETNA. RETNA’s installation which spans a 25 foot high wall and carpets the floor entices and envelops viewers in a black and white web of text. The installation explores the complex nature of a fluid lexicon derived from […]

Album Art for Make Believe Artists

Are you one of those rare people who still have love for the ever diminishing form of art known as album artwork? This show at the Cinders Gallery in NY is kinda perfect for you then! 100 artists collaborated in this show and created album artwork for make believe albums…Pretty cool since album artwork is […]

Dancing Pidgeons “Ritalin”

Sometimes the best way for a band to make a splash is to make a really really rad video. This is one of those occasions. Dancing Pidgeons + Flame Thrower = Awesome. It’s a pretty simple equation.


New Jersey’s The ILLZ cover all the usual hip-hop themes: love, money, heartache and the quest for lyrical success. They do so over a background of well sourced, well produced samples that create a tight sonic brew that soothes your ears and engages your mind. So what’s new. what’s the hook? There isn’t one, it’s […]

The Roots (feat. John Legend)

The Roots are back, taking a break from jamming nightly as Jimmy Fallon’s house band to distill their live instrumental jams into a album, “How I got Over”. Everything is here and as good as ever; indelible beats, impeccable instrumentation and inimitable rhymes. The new single “Fire” features R&b crooner John Legend and a post-apocalyptic […]

Zhang Huan

“Zhang Huan began his work as part of a small artistic community, known as the Beijing East Village,[1] located on the margins of the city. The group of friends from art school pioneered this particular brand of performance in China and Zhang was often reprimanded by officials for the perceived inappropriateness of his actions. Zhang’s […]

Downtown Calling- Trailer

“In the mid-1970s the “greatest city in the world” was teetering on the edge of total chaos. A crumbling economy, rampant crime and massive housing corruption gave way to a city in crisis. Yet out of the economic and social strife that held the Big Apple hostage, a new culture of musicians, artists and thinkers […]