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Daft Punk x Coca-Cola???

Interesting combo. Kudos to Daft Punk for following up their uber successful Tron campaigns with a customized Coca-Cola bottle coming this March. One silver along with one gold decorated coke bottle to signify each of the Dynamic Daft Duo’s respective helmets. Apparently these will be available both in the clubs as well in the prerequisite […]

Kwon Kisoo

Korean pop artist Kwon Kisoo is widely known in Asia for his Dongguri character — a smiling, genderless alter-ego that romps around candy-colored landscapes. Dongurri is often accompanied by a smiling, four-legged animal that, depending what kind of person you are, can be seen as a dog or cat. The paintings are influenced by traditional Korean landscapes. Plum blossoms, […]

Follicle Girl

An artist’s sketchbook is a glimpse into his head and heart. It’s where ideas happen and where projects find their root. Graphic designer, illustrator, photographer and fashion enthusiast Rolando Robinson began doodling a cartoonish, playful style of a girl, sans body. She was a cute head, sketched multiple times surrounded by swirly, psychedelic type lines. These sketches later evolved […]

It’s A Book

The book in this digital age is basically obsolete. Kids these days* practically come out of the womb with an i-Something in their tiny little hands. To help parents teach their kids about books in an electronic world, Lane Smith has written and illustrated a children’s picture book called “It’s A Book,” about a book-loving monkey, a tech-savvy jackass and […]

Paper Cuts

While you’re sitting “there” doing your “business,” put down the magazine and do something more creative. Instead of cursing the gods that you’re out of toilet paper, look at that empty roll as a medium to create art. In my head, that’s what French artist Anastassia Elias did. Paper Cuts is her collection where she uses […]


I won 1st place in a coloring contest in 3rd grade. I loved coloring then, I still love coloring now, and I love the concept of this dress. The wearable Color-In coloring dress by the creative minds of Berber Soepboer and Michiel Schuurman is a simple black and white patterned dress that allows you to have your way […]

Modern Extinction

There are moments that occur that make you realize you’re getting old. This is one of mine. Christopher Locke has created fossil sculptures out of archaic technology that was once cutting edge. These are things we used to play with what seems like yesterday, but in reality, decades ago. In a special process, Locke reproduces these […]

Hack Job

Hack Job is a project that the good people at Boooooooom, with the help of a “little” brand called Converse Skateboarding, have started to find the most creative innovators of skateboards, using any materials you can get your hands on. You don’t have to be an avid skater to participate, just someone who can construct a skateboard literally out of anything. The board […]


This has been around the block on design blogs, but when I first peeped that a house and a restaurant went up in Austria, inspired in design by the VW beetle — I admit, I kinda wanted to hate on it. I thought it just straight up crossed the line from awesome to absurdly not […]


The iPhone and Summer pretty much go hand-in-hand – to call your girls to go to the pool or your boys to meet for a movie. And JD Hancock has brought the two together in a series of photos that creates the ultimate summer scenes with miniature figures, using the ultimate gadget, the iPhone. Hancock transforms […]