Daily Archives: Aug 19, 2010

Stars within the Stars

Sometimes you have to step back to see the world in a clearer perspective. Spanish graphic artist Mark Brooks has created a series of posters where you literally need to step back to see clearly. “Distance yourself from the stars and enjoy the view,” his tag line reads. Brooks intricately pieces together what seems to be only […]

Real Estate

New Jersey’s pysch/surf pop group Real Estate are back with a sparkling diamond of a new single, “Out of Tune”. Weaving, reverb laden guitars and a swaying bass-line complete the picture of a late summer day of melancholy. Out Of Tune by truepanther

Altered Plates

Ever wondered what it would be like to eat a scone off Dr. Spock’s face? Yeah, me neither, but now you can find out…kind of. Beat Up Creations‘ “Altered Antique Plates” take classic decorative plates and use a transfer and heat technique to seal an iconic pop culture image onto them. They take “orphaned and unloved” […]

kidrobot 2010 Series Dunny Launch!

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Indie Nation

It’s somewhat ironic that eyeglasses are not, in fact, made of glass. Australian lifestyle brand, Indie Nation, has kept true to that irony and has designed a collection of eyeware in raw wood textures. The collection was inspired by artists and designers whose works are created without boundaries and are for those who appreciate a subtle difference with bold details. […]


More in “Tape Art” News: LA-based installation artist Megan Geckler isn’t using your run o’ the mill duct tape like everyone else to make art. Geckler discovered flagging tape, the plastic ribbon typically used by construction workers on site to mark space, in graduate school. When strung together, the ribbons form amazing lines to form massive installations. She […]