Monthly Archives: June 2009

Walkman This Way

Talk about a social experiment. A 13-year-old British boy was given his dad’s Sony Walkman with no instructions and told to just discover the device. In addition to his ramblings and musings about using the portable cassette player, the most interesting part was that “It took me three days to figure out that there was […]


Funny video from The Full Ginsberg exposing the hidden costs of the Obama administration’s recently-signed energy bill. The comparisons between Obama’s plan and the Republican plan are pretty much spot on. Source


Ryan McGinness — 50 parties. 50 themes. 50 weeks. No sponsors. No strangers. Check the site for more info. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re invited. This Week: Party 01: White Trash BBQ (July 10, 2009) Source

Get your party started with some Cobra Krames

Sean “Cobra” Krames is a performer with an open ear and a passion for rocking the party. He plays a banging mix of club music, parking lot anthems, and the jams you love—he gets hands in the air and people on stage! Krames’ excitement about music is most apparent in his newest work. He has […]

Batmobile, Is That You?

Fans of the Michael Keaton helmed film Batman may remember some of the style cues from the Bugatti Stratos concept. But just like the Batmobile itself, the Stratos concept  is pure fiction. Conceived by  by French artist Bruno Delusso, the car isn’t functional at all and would make for a production nightmare, but it does […]


Top 10, a solo exhibition of new works by the Parisian street artist known as Invader, will take over Jonathan Levine Gallery on June 27th. The show title Top 10 references popular music, as the artist has selected what he believes are the top ten album covers of his generation as subjects for re-interpretation using his […]

What The Font?

Check out this interesting, mind bending typeface photo series called  “Alphabets” by Bela Borsodi. Amazing. Source

Practice Makes Perfect

This week in Autotune: Brought to you by DJ Steve Porter, this video called “Press Hop” takes some of the most entertaining sports rants from the past few years, sets them to a dope beat and lets the autotune magic run its course. Contents include Allen Iverson’s “Practice” rant, Jim Mora’s “Playoffs!?” and T.O.’s “That’s my […]

Phil Dunne

Phil Dunne is a freelance illustrator based in Dublin, Ireland. His work is a mix of traditional and digital illustration and has been featured in Candy Magazine, Belio Magazine, Computer Arts, Belio, L’etoile and several design blogs and websites. Dunne is also part of the highly creative and very cool Depthcore collective. Source

Another & Another

Some people believe it happens in threes. I’m not sure that theory really holds true. Either way, we lost two more yesterday. R.I.P. Farrah & MJ. You will both be missed.