Monthly Archives: February 2010

London Graves

Not only does London Graves have an amazing name, but check out those skills!


San Francisco cake designer, Debbie Goard, “does cakes,” and she does them well. Check out some of these sweet creations from Debbie Does Cakes. More photos here. via

Two Feet of Snow

Literally. via

Hologram Beatbox

These videos are totally blowing my mind. Created by Neurosonics Audiomedical Labs Inc. for Chris Cairns who is well known for his beatbox performances. Incredible.

Playing Game = Saving Lives?

Yea, no big deal, just play some games and you can actually help fight hunger! Sounds too goo to be true huh? Well it’s not. Check it out and waste some time here!!! My favorite part is that they’re brain games and they have different subjects if vocabulary isn’t your thing.


I don’t typically blog the music stuffs on here, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a quick post about some new ish from HavocNdeeD. First up, the Friendly Fire Promo Mix: Download (via yousendit) here. Next up, Headspin EP: Featuring “Headspin” vocal & dub mix with King, Pawn, & Robb G remixes. Available […]

“That Guy”

Remeber that movie with “that guy”… you know, he was in that other movie too – what’s his name?… For those times when you’re trying to figure out the name of the actor who played so-and-so in a tv show or movie, you can visit this website, dedicated to character actors who are easy to recognize, but difficult […]

Banksy’s Movie & The Scariest Movie Theater Ever!

Now I don’t know if I have sick sense of humor, or if this movie really does look funny. Here’s the trailer to Banksy’s new movie which is showing in the Lambeth Palace, which I’m not sure if I would go there alone, but it looks interesting for sure! Of course it’s always sold out […]

What the flip?

I thought we had seen the most of what we were going to see in MP3 players, but that doesn’t seem the case. The Play requires you to actually manipulate the shape of the device to play it. When it’s in it’s triangular form it plays, shift it forward or back to change songs and […]

Pogo Art?

I’ve heard the statement that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, does art fall in the same category? Is this really where art is heading? Looks like a work out while creating some art!