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Street Art x Google Maps – Sponsored by… Red Bull

This is pretty interesting. The folks over at Red Bull have put together (at least funded to get sponsorship billing) this little website that tracks street art that has been captured by Google Maps. I took a few mins to check out some pieces that have been added, which I believe is all user […]

National Geographic Adventure Bucket List!

National Geographic has put together their bucket list of most ultimate adventures that you should go on. Now whether you could actually do any of these is beyond the point, these adventures would surely get your heart pounding (just hopefully not stopping)! 1. Climb Mount Everest 2. Wingsuit Fly off the Eigar 3. Surf Shipsturn […]

Get Kinected

Echo Lake – Young Silence from Dan Nixon on Vimeo. Echo Lake’s new video for “Young Silence” is ghostly and etheral with a treatment that apes the aesthetic of Radiohead’s “House of Cards” vid. What’s really interesting is that, instead of lasers, they use a Kinect (that new Microsoft add-on for the X-Box) passed through […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green

Ok, well maybe it is, if you live in this outrageous Austrian home. The concrete abode is covered in astroturf, tons of it. The modern, and even in some ways pointless, architecture of this place reminds me of something out of Beatlejuice and an M.C. Escher drawing. With no explanation as to why the house […]

Lady Gaga Reveals New Polaroid Stuff

Lady Gaga has taken over as creative director over at Polaroid, under her supervision they have launched a new line of cameras called the Gray Label line which they revealed at the the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The products all “use Polaroid’s Zinc (zero ink) printing technology to capture or print images.” <p […]

Feeling Blue?

Mood boards are something commonly used in the fashion industry, as well as the design industry for that matter. Designers use them to portray a certain feeling or expression that can transcend into an entire collection. In retail we use mood boards or trend boards to aid buyers in placing a collection, so at the […]

We Sleep on the Job

Ok, maybe we don’t sleep on the job, but it sure would be nice to recline and take a nice little disco nap (maybe after that one pound burrito lunch that you really shouldn’t have had). Well AnyChair has answered all your prayers by creating this beauty, a fully reclining chair including a fold out […]

Tastes like Rain

Now we all know MIT works on all kinds of cool stuff, but this may be the raddest (and most tasty thing) yet! A project created by David Carr is based around the weather and your toothpaste. “The project, called “Tastes Like Rain,” is built as a toothpaste dispenser attached to a microcontroller that monitors […]

The Not so Final Frontier

It seems like everyone is obsessed with escaping the chains of gravity and sending terrestial objects into the heavens. A Brooklyn father and son team recently sent a balloon toting camera to the literal edge-of -space. Apparently now Aussie indie rockers Tame Impala want in on some of the X-Prize inspired action. Their new vid […]

Fold and Play

From the green people at OrigAudio, comes an innovative project combining tunes and technology with environmentally friendly material. Fold & Play Recycled Speakers are portable, self-powered speakers made entirely of the recycled cardboard from old newspapers, phone books, and pizza boxes – both the packaging and the outside of the speaker itself. As the name suggests, the speakers […]