Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lost Luggage

Traveling is something most of us love to do. Picking up our luggage from baggage claim on the other hand, isn’t so fun. Trying to find your suitcase in the sea of black and navy blue cases can be almost more off putting than the old guy who just snored in your ear the whole […]

The Travel Box

Getting people’s attention these days its getting harder and harder. Between over saturation on the internet and Tivo allowing you to skip over all the commercials creative thinkers are really having to get out of the box to get consumer attentions. DDB Paris created an “Escape Machine” which they put around Paris to gain attention […]

Lauren Moshi – Now at Metropark

Based on their love of the finer things in life, brother and sister team, Michael and Lauren have created their own standout clothing company, Lauren Moshi. Inspired by high fashion and fine art, Lauren Moshi creates unique pieces that are meticulously crafted in limited quantities, using only the finest fabrics for maximum comfort. Each garment […]

The Joy Formidable

Meet The Joy Formidable, expect this band to be big. Live they’re as tight as any indie band around, on record they have the raw edge of a band like Silversun Pickups but with an even bigger sound. Karen O meets the Arcade Fire springs to mind. The Welsh three peice has already garnered tons […]

Record Monsters

Music lover? Semi-eco friendly? Into bugs or monsters? Then these record monsters were made for you! Created as a way to recycle vinyl records these folks will ship you different sized “record monsters” depending on how much money you send them, pretty cool. With tons of bugs, monsters, dinosaurs, and more to choose from you’re […]

Field Notes Face Lift

I love all the field notes journals I’ve been stumbling upon. There’s something that reminds me of Royal Tenenebaums meets boy scout meets the journaling project that I started my junior year of college (and still haven’t completed). Even cooler than just the Field Notebooks are the now dry press customizable ones! Still reasonable but […]

Urban Traps

I’ve been seeing images of these traps for about a week now online. Geared toward the most typical of “hipsters” these street art traps are simply made of laminate paper painted and distressed to look like an old bear trap with all the essentials to start yourself to hipsterdom (a pack of American Spirit cigarettes, […]

Shower Notes

If you’re anything like me, you’re on the go all the time. It seems every time you have a good idea you are in the worst place to be able to write it down, meeting with the bosses, or even worse, the shower. By the time you finish drying off and cleaning out your ears, […]

Hustlemania + All Necessary Means – Known Gallery

The folks over at Known Gallery in LA have a serious & rich history in the LA street art scene. Founded and launched by members of The Seventh Letter Crew in 2010, they have put on some of LA’s most cutting edge gallery shows of the last few years. Their upcoming show is a one-two […]

Viva La Revolucion!

Some flix taken from Gingko Press’ Viva La Revolucion. This book compiles some of the best street artists from around the world include Metropark favorites Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, Os Gemeos, and a ton more. Now available at Metropark Invader Date Farmers Swoon Os Gemeos Vhils Os Gemeos Jr Shepard Fairey