Monthly Archives: December 2010

The Story of the Book

Books seem to be a dying breed these days with the Kindle and eReaders. Artist Cara Barer has dedicated her recent works to telling bridging the gap between architecture, sculpture, and photographs. Through these methods she is able to tell the “story” of the books that she portrays in her work. In her artist statement […]

Kanye West- Monster ft Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Jay-Z

Did you know that Kanye West replaced his lower front row of teeth with diamonds? You didn’t?!  Well, he makes sure you understand exactly how icey he is in this underwhelming video for the highly anticipated Monster. Who directed this? Even Nicki Minaj’s verse stealing performance is decidedly restrained.  The song is called Monster and […]

Pointless Product of the Day

Now I maybe I’m not well educated when it comes to headphones and the best way to store them, or maybe I’m too frugal to be able to rationalize spending $180 on a wooden stand, but I’m going to wager that I’m not the only one who feels like this may be the most over-priced […]

DJ Light

Dominic Harris is an English designer at Cinimod Studios designed this wild project appropriately named “DJ Light.” The outdoor installation allows the public to participate through their movement. By stepping into what looks like an open air teleportation device their actions are then translated into sounds which also control the effects of 85 lit balloons. […]

Feeling Blue?

Mood boards are something commonly used in the fashion industry, as well as the design industry for that matter. Designers use them to portray a certain feeling or expression that can transcend into an entire collection. In retail we use mood boards or trend boards to aid buyers in placing a collection, so at the […]


The Swedish duo JJ makes totally chillaxed jams that borrow heavily in lyrical content from hip hop and dig deep into chillwave and electronica to craft super tight beats. The combo is kind of crispy new wave steez by way of a beautifully Scandinavian looking vid. Just something to make you feel all this blizzarding. […]

We Sleep on the Job

Ok, maybe we don’t sleep on the job, but it sure would be nice to recline and take a nice little disco nap (maybe after that one pound burrito lunch that you really shouldn’t have had). Well AnyChair has answered all your prayers by creating this beauty, a fully reclining chair including a fold out […]

Crave You

Flight Facilities music is amazing as it is, but then featuring Giselle, I think I may have just gone to music heaven! As well, it never hurts that the music video is well done and eye pleasingly dreamy.

Tastes like Rain

Now we all know MIT works on all kinds of cool stuff, but this may be the raddest (and most tasty thing) yet! A project created by David Carr is based around the weather and your toothpaste. “The project, called “Tastes Like Rain,” is built as a toothpaste dispenser attached to a microcontroller that monitors […]

Diego Kuffer

Lately Brazil seems to be producing some of the best art I’ve seen in awhile. While trolling the endless sea that is the internet I stumbled across Diego Kuffer, a Brazilian photographer whose wild style of cubism meets color photography gives motion and depth a whole new meaning. via.