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Bat for Lashes – “Pearl’s Dream”

I love, love, love Bat for Lashes new album, Two Suns, and (only member) Natasha Khan may or may not have replaced Jenny Lewis as the queen of my cold and jaded indie hipster heart. Here’s her new video for the song “Pearl’s Dream.”  I admittedly don’t, uh, get the video (it’s like if Bjork […]


Check out the ultra cool B-BOT app for iPhone/iPod Touch developed by Tristan Eaton. The app let’s you create your own customizable avatars with 400 different items to choose from. You can then assign each avatar to any one of your friends and contacts – check out the video clip below and then hit the […]

Be Cool

Let’s rap about fire safety! This is what happens when advertisers try too hard to capture a culture they know nothing about. But, on the flip side, it does provide an entertaining laughable video for your viewing pleasure. Lean Wit It, Rock Wit, kids. Smoke rises.

My Radio

Before iPods (or even CDs) there were boomboxes. And they played these things called cassettes. It’s been 20 years since they disappeared from the streets, but the nostalgia they evoke is about a lot more than just stereo equipment. The ‘ghetto blaster’ is one of the first true symbols of hip hop. This piece from […]

Summer Jamz: Part I

As the summer approaches and we begin to pack up our boarding gear and kefiyas you might be asking yourself what tasty summer jams might go with that beverage and bbq you’ve been longing for since last year’s sun worshiping debauchery.  I know you still long for the glory days of Death from Above, but […]

Little Boots Wants to show you a Good Time

What is it lately with petite blond pop-tarts from the other side of the Pond?  Robyn, Lykke Le, and *shudder…Duffy (I’m sorry, the last thing we need is another Amy Winehouse knock-off).  I caught the trans-Atlantic cutie Little Boots (aka Victoria Hesketh) at Perez’s SXSW party along with hip-hop hegemony Kanye and she really PWNED […]

Peter Sutherland

Hot Coals Only at Hope Gallery Window installation with Nicholas Haggard at Family

Tim Walker x Hermes

Exquisite ad campaign – photographer Tim Walker for Hermes spring. Source

Karl Who?

I have said it before and I will say it again… Humility goes a long way. *Well played Karl. If Chanel isn’t already in talks to produce this bag, they should be. *I normally don’t condone the use of the murse, man-bag, man purse, etc. but Karl gets a pass on this one. Source (for […]

Harem Pants?

I don’t care what anyone says, I want a pair of these in every color. Harem pants are cute, comfy and seriously fashionable. See for yourself. Though I do advise you to steer clear of the more MC Hammer-esque Harem pants. Please.