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The iPhone and Summer pretty much go hand-in-hand – to call your girls to go to the pool or your boys to meet for a movie. And JD Hancock has brought the two together in a series of photos that creates the ultimate summer scenes with miniature figures, using the ultimate gadget, the iPhone. Hancock transforms […]

More Gaga for Gaga

News broke that Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour [November 2009 – April 2011] is estimated to gross $200M worldwide according to Billboard, putting her in a league not of her own perse, but one shared only with the likes of the few including Madonna and u2. So I gotta ask, why are we so gaga for […]

Rockin’ Purple

Check out this rockin’ purple ensemble, perfect for those purple lovers… Now if you don’t want to OD on purple you can just rock one or two purple accessories like the amazingly awesome Tarina Tarantino purple skull necklace and earrings, those are so cool! METROPARK – DIVA GIRL STRIPE TANK BLANK DENIM – CLEAN BLUE […]

Daisy for Summer

Came across these super super cute daisy Tarina Tarantino earrings and had to create a look to go along with them.  If you want the earrings to stand out, pair it with a solid color like this amazing black peplum button romper.  The tiger loop scarf is pretty darn awesome too so I threw it […]

Grunge Inspired

Feelin’ like you want to rock the grunge look? We’ve all noticed (well maybe not all) that 90’s fashion trends are popping up everywhere. When I saw this plaid bubble dress I was immediately inspired by the 90’s grunge look. So here’s a great outfit to help inspire you to reach that look but with […]


These are the days of digital music, iTunes, iPods, mp3 players, etc. etc. etc. So what happens with the hundreds and thousands of compact discs we no longer need? UK artist Bruce Munro has one idea. On the weekend of June 19th and 20th, Munro and team of 140 helpers laid out 600,000 CDs on […]

Lunch Box

Three Blind Ants is a design team that has come up with a way to make outdoor picnics hip. Although, I didn’t realize eating outside needed to get any more awesome. Three Blind Ants has created the Boxsal, a pretty, fun, picnic in a box. Each locally produced Boxsal comes in a different design – […]

Oh Stripes

Not only do I love stripes for guys, but stripes for us girls are perfect too! Not only is it an awesome summer trend, but stripes are just rad to begin with. When I think stripes I am automatically reminded of nautical; which is why I chose to accent with red tones =] Nautical and […]

Raise the Roof

It’s officially summertime and the people of New York City are getting out for some fresh air. But it’s not always easy to escape the concrete jungle to enjoy the outdoors like Mother Nature intended. Or is it? In a photo series called Rich People Rooftops, Flickr user jwilly gives us a glimpse into the world of the upper eschelon […]

BFF 2010

I haven’t ridden a bike in years, but I imagine if I got back on one, it’d be like, well, you know. Brendt Barbur was hit by a bus while bicycling in New York City. Instead of wallowing in his tears, he insisted on turning his negative experience into a positive one, which resulted in the Bicycle […]