Daily Archives: Aug 17, 2010

Orange Smorange

Hey guys!! Check out this super awesome new perforated bomber jacket by Kane & Unke! It’s pretty rad and I am loving the color! I added accents of orange because….well….I love orange =] This is a great outfit idea to start out the fall season, and what better way to welcome the end of summer […]

10 Amazing iPhone Photos

This ain’t your parent’s hipstermatic… The good folks over at Mashable put together 10 really amazing pictures taken from folk’s iPhones. take a peek. Via

Bieber Falls into Black Hole

Yes, we would all like Justin Bieber to fall into a Black Hole, but someone has finally made that dream a reality. Well…they made his music fall into the singularity, anyway. Apparently if you take the annoying little munchkin’s “U Smile” and slow it down 800% (courtesy of Florida artist Shamantis) you get something akin […]