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We’ve seen the braided leather look in jewelry, but how about jewelry made of actual braids? As in hair.¬†Brazilian American jewelry designer Larissa de Souza modernizes Victorian mourning jewelry with silver-accented, braided, twisted and crocheted accessories fashioned out of hair. During the time of Louis XIV’s reign in Europe, a deceased loved one’s hair was […]

Paint Print Skirt = Love

When cruising through Metropark’s new arrivals I came across this way too awesome printed skirt. This is a woven skirt too so it’s not going to show every little defect you may or may not have ūüėČ . You can make this look sophisticated(ish) by pairing it with a jacket like I did, or you […]

Oh, Snap

Instant is back. Just when we thought the Polaroid camera was¬†getting comfortable on the extinction¬†list of technology¬†(as of 2008), Polaroid brings it back and with a bit of a facelift. Partly thanks to Lady Gaga, new creative director for the iconic camera brand and other creative minds, the¬†new generation Polaroid 300 was launched to mark […]

Imperial Propaganda

Propaganda is defined as a form of communication that is aimed at influencing the attitude of a community toward some cause or position. I don’t know who or what could be more influencing than Darth Vader. Now, I could¬†fake my way through¬†this post with clever Star Wars inuendo, but¬†the geeks¬†die-hards out there would see right […]

The Gay 90’s

Currently on exhibition at the Paul Kasmin Gallery in NYC, Mark Ryden‘s latest collection titled, “The Gay 90’s: Old Tyme Art Show” showcases the Los Angeles artist’s hauntingly beautiful and masterfully excectued oil paintings. The theme references the idealism of the 1890’s while addressing the role of kitsch and nostalgia in our current culture.¬†Ryden creates […]

Interpol- Lights

Is it just me or does it sound like Paul Banks is channeling Ozzy Osbourne’s vocals (lord knows the The Blizzard Of Oz hasn’t been using them for anything except hocking¬†World of Warcraft video games)?¬† The dark and foreboding¬†intro.¬† The sinister¬†reverb¬†on the vocals.¬† Gone are the easy comparisons¬†to Joy Division¬†and the like.¬† This song sounds […]

Confused Lamb

I can’t decide if this video is the funniest thing I have ever seen or just the cutest hahah. I want to know why these people have a lamb in their house! Not just the fact that I think it is weird to have a lamb in your house, but man…I wonder what those hooves […]

Signs & Symbols

“Sup Dude. Not supposed to happen yo. Stinkbomb. Kabam.” A few of the messages hand-painted by 125 children to form a collaborative art installation currently on exhibition at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston¬†by artist, writer and educator, Caleb Neelon.¬†Ah, the youth. Cambridge-based Neelon’s¬†large-scale installation project titled Signs & Symbols explores how sweet, silly and […]

Anchors Away!

Into nautical stuff? Well then this outfit is perfect for you! Rock this OBEY anchors away tee and accent it with some typical nautical stripes in the scarf and you are good to go! I like the contrast between charcoal and pink so I chose to add in a few pink hues with the nail […]

Need vs. Want

Etsy user¬†and Austinite Erin Hanson, aka Recovering Lazyholic, believes we are all prey to bouts of laziness. She is a “lazy gal that’s trying not to be, so she makes things,” from photographs, prints, cards, other papergoods and novelty items.¬†One of her¬†print series titled “Need To Want Less” consists of 10×10 digital prints concisely illustrating […]