Daily Archives: Aug 25, 2010

The Yin & Yang of Rap Docs

Two trailers. One theme. The tumultuous life of rapperdom and celebrity status. Wu Tang clan ain’t nuttin to fuck wit. Joaquin Phoenix isn’t really either but on a whole other level. GZA’s Wu Tang Documentary Trailer Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘I’m Still Here’ by Casey Affleck Trailer

Double Explosure

This is 2010 and most photographers use the 2010 technique of digital images and photoshopping to produce their end result. But Atlanta-based photographer Tierney Gearon is a bit more old school when it comes to technique. In her “Double Explosure” series, Gearon does not use any digital technique, although you can could definitely achieve this effect with digital enhancement […]

Klik Klik

Magnetic bracelets in the athletic and wellness worlds may seem like another money-making scheme, but in the fashion world, it is a pretty neat concept, joining science with art. Al Kelly and Kellar Williams’ new magnetic jewelry kit, KLIK KLIK, sets itself apart from other magnetic jewelry lines by introducing new geometric pieces to mix and […]

Tobacco- Grape Aerosmith ft. Beck

I’m back! Sorry to have left you for so long, but business has been flourishing!  I’ve been spending a lot of time having seizures and spazzing out in the woods near my neighborhood.  During these seizures, which cause me to dance like a golem on acid, I’ve been having these really intense hallucinations involving strips of meat shooting out of my face while […]


It happens to the best of us. We move into a new place and live out of boxes for longer than intended. Then, you have visitors planning to come stay with you… and you still are living out of boxes and with an incomplete guest room. When Nikki of WhiMSy Love had a friend coming to […]

Vanity Fair Mosaic

The most iconic and beautiful people always grace the covers of Vanity Fair magazine. Italian graphics site Village9991 has taken the covers of past issues and has created a beautifully executed recycled art project. Recycled art takes a special type of mind to think outside of the box to re-imagine the original medium. The magazines are pieced […]