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Murder Beats Not People – New mix from Troublemaker

A troublemaker as defined by the finest dictionaries on the planet is a noun and means  “One that stirs up trouble or strife.” Which actually works pretty well for Troublemaker the producer and DJ from Los Angeles, Ca.   The UBER busy individual is on the constant, with a new remix, OG track, new project or […]

Victorian English Gentlemens Club

With a name that’s a mouthful, Victorian English Gentlemens Club make the kind of raucous British art-punk that’s all about escaping a crushing existence that ekes itself out with all the mind numbing tempo of the drizzling gray skies. Their guitars are sharp and angular, the drums an attack of coarse beats and stuttering changes […]

Taking it back Tuesday

UMC’s = Hass G and Fly Guy Kool Kim of Staten Island.  Just fun ass Hip Hop from the old school.  Hey Hip-Hop where is the fun at? Website

The very BEST in Family Dining

See you at the salad bar.


David MacDowell is a self-taught artist whose primary medium is acrylic on canvas. His subject matter focuses on the lowbrow/comic surrealism, and often takes a satirical view of popular culture. A proverbial culture mash if you will. via

High Five NY

This actually made me laugh (to myself — not out loud). via


Check out these Moustache Mugs designed by Peter Bruegger Available in six different iconic stache styles. Choose between feisty fu-magnum, ambigues mustafa-chaplin and cheeky maurice-poirot!’ via

Yeah I do Video Dating.

Get a load of these Chiefs.  Nice work on the editing here. Source

Irvine Fashion Show Event

This past Saturday Metropark in Irvine took part in a fashion show as well as had an in store event! Here’s some pictures from the fashion show! Albert Reed, the celebrity model! A great MEK denim look! Nerdy date nights! Hot trend this fall, animal print! (Check out our Urban Jungle trend!) Another date night […]


DJ Eclipse may be the only dj with a weekly show on the actual airwaves with the ability to get this rediculous array of hip-hop luminaries on the air to talk about the fallen soldier DJ Roc Raida at once. DJ Q-Bert, JS-1, Rhazel, The 5th Platoon, Fat Fingaz, , Mixmaster Mike, A-Trak, J-Rocc, Babu, […]