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Tree House of Your Dreams

After starting construction in 1993, the Minister’s House in Crossville, Tennessee stands 10 stories tall. The home was started by Horace Burgess believed that God spoke to him and told him to build the tree house.

Joe King For Rook

Joe King is far from an anomaly. He has permeated the fashion world with some of the most resonating designs throughout his career having penned (or penciled) work for everyone from OBEY to Crooks & Castles, Freshjive to KR3W and Billabong to Osirus. Strictly speaking, Joe is one of the most talented artist/designers out there […]

Lauren Moshi – Now at Metropark

Based on their love of the finer things in life, brother and sister team, Michael and Lauren have created their own standout clothing company, Lauren Moshi. Inspired by high fashion and fine art, Lauren Moshi creates unique pieces that are meticulously crafted in limited quantities, using only the finest fabrics for maximum comfort. Each garment […]

Record Monsters

Music lover? Semi-eco friendly? Into bugs or monsters? Then these record monsters were made for you! Created as a way to recycle vinyl records these folks will ship you different sized “record monsters” depending on how much money you send them, pretty cool. With tons of bugs, monsters, dinosaurs, and more to choose from you’re […]

Viva La Revolucion!

Some flix taken from Gingko Press’ Viva La Revolucion. This book compiles some of the best street artists from around the world include Metropark favorites Shepard Fairey, Barry McGee, Os Gemeos, and a ton more. Now available at Metropark Invader Date Farmers Swoon Os Gemeos Vhils Os Gemeos Jr Shepard Fairey

Coachella Conversations – Dave1 (Chromeo) + Eric Haze

Coachella has been doing some interesting marketing lately with the 2011 festival on the horizon. They’ve launched Coachella Conversations that links an iconic artist with an iconic musician. Most of our readers will know Dave1, who is one half of the dynamic talkbox duo of Chromeo. ALL of our readers will pretty much know Eric […]

Dan Eldon Book Release Party

This past Thursday at our store in Union Sq. in San Francisco, CA., we celebrated the release of the paperback version of ‘The Journey Is The Destination’ from artist, photographer & creative activist Dan Eldon. If you are unfamiliar, Dan was killed in the early 90s while photographing for Reuters in Somalia. Dan left behind […]

Sinful Rings

Everyone has done some kind of play off the 7 seven deadly sins, from wine to wares I thought I had seen it all. Well apparently not, Stephen Webster has taken the sins and created these insanerings. Using white gold, diamonds, and other precious stones he has crafted a spooky, yet elegant set of rings […]


Have you ever wanted to just reverse that gold star and make it into a little red X? Well here’s something for all our college professors, jerk bosses, or minions to let them know how we really feel without being too obvious. These rubber stamps, created by Heather K. Phillips, are 12 different ways to […]

Live in Language

Most people these days are becoming aware of typography, not only as a call to action but as something that as humans, we find aesthetically pleasing (or totally disgusting). Cinematographer Niklas Johansson and Barcelona designer Albin Homgvist have teamed up to make Live the Language, 4 amazing pieces that describe four chosen cities and do […]