Theurel & Thomas

When you think Mexico you don’t think French Macaroon. Duh. Located in San Pedro, Latin America’s most affluent suburb, Theurel & Thomas is the first pâtisserie in Mexico specialized in the macaroon, the beautifully delicate and popular French pastry. To feel like you’re walking into a patisserie in the middle of Mexico, design studio Anagrama has created a beautiful interior and branding for the “Maison de Macaron.” Anagrama felt that it was very important for this project to create an imposing brand that would emphasize the unique value, elegance and detail of this delicate dessert. The store is a clean slate consisting of a predominantly white interior, so that the macaroon is showcased and its bright color pops on the blank canvas of the shop. The staff’s uniforms and pastry packaging are also white with two thin lines of cyan and magenta, the colors of the modern French flag as a nod to the pastry’s origin.

Muy elegante.


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