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Wake Up!

With the recent success of their collaboration on The Fire still fresh, The Roots and John Legend are about to unleash their latest collaborative effort, a socially conscious album entitled, Wake Up!, scheduled for release September 21. NPR has the exclusive first listen. According to the artists, “All the tracks feature an ‘underlying theme of awareness, engagement and […]


This has been around the block on design blogs, but when I first peeped that a house and a restaurant went up in Austria, inspired in design by the VW beetle — I admit, I kinda wanted to hate on it. I thought it just straight up crossed the line from awesome to absurdly not […]

More Gaga for Gaga

News broke that Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour [November 2009 – April 2011] is estimated to gross $200M worldwide according to Billboard, putting her in a league not of her own perse, but one shared only with the likes of the few including Madonna and u2. So I gotta ask, why are we so gaga for […]

Familiar Strangers

Japanese artist Yoskay Yamamoto fuses inspiration from his heritage and Japanese mythology with the pop iconography from his new Western home in his work. His art has been described as a nostalgic blend of urban pop art and traditional and mythical Japanese elements. Interestingly, Yamamoto comments on the process of discovery that help defines his […]

You Play Beautifully

Artist Raymond Uhlir’s work in oil enamel on canvas and gouache and ink on paper feels like it picks up where Yellow Submarine left off.  In his works, allegorical characters and ideologies clash sharply with cartoonish backgrounds. His visual narratives seem to touch on many of the cultural themes that help to define the vibe […]

Benoit Debuissier

Stumbled across these beautiful images… The photography of Benoît Debuisser is sultry and nostalgic in a way that is almost surreal.  He uses a Lomo lc-a to capture shadowy vignettes such as those that lend the greenish-tint to the collection of snow globes on a windowsill below. The softness this creates in the images make […]


What’s a night out without gambling on a drink you’ve never had, stumbling through awkward silences and the occasional drunk dial-text-tweet?  With three new apps, BarCards, iSwig and iDrunky, Apple challenges you to find out. BarCards presents a series of “cards” with dares and trivia questions that require social interactions from within and outside your […]

Wild and Beautiful

Italy’s GIAN PAOLO BARBIERI has been a master photographer for half a century. Best known for capturing Audrey Hepburn, Angelica Huston and Iman in some of the most famous fashion photographs of all time, his editorials have been published widely in Vanity Fair, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and GQ, among others. Clic Gallery in New York is currently featuring […]

Who Needs People When You Have Robots and Chimps?

Although once the stuff of Hollywood films and science fiction lit, robots and chimps seem to be slowly phasing out the needs for people to do important stuff, like playing easy tunes on the violin, hustling fools at pool, and making stupid movies and posting them on the interwebs. Toyota’s line of “Partner Robots” is […]

In Praise of Shadows

Stumbled across this beautiful photo-essay of installations from the Jane Withers curated exhibit, “In Praise of Shadows” in Fall 2009 at the Victoria and Albert museum. The exhibit was designed to question the relationship between light and shadows, and the ways in which we interact with them based whatever mood or philosophy we desire to […]