Kombucha WHAT

Have you noticed your favorite atomic mushroom-cloud beverage missing from Whole Foods shelves lately?

Kombucha tea, the uber-cure-all-drink favored by everyone from the Ancient Chinese who allegedly invented it to the crunchy granolas who recently popularized it to the health foodies, hipsters, and Lindsey Lohan who now consume it en masse, actually contains more alcohol than the federally-allowable .05% and now must be re-labeled.   Via gawker “Does Everything Lindsey Lohan touch turn to booze?”  Hilarious.  Maybe not the truth of the matter in this case, but well-played.

Whatever will Li-Lo do?  Fear not, is what she’ll do.  Word is the beverage is being re-labeled and will likely appear on shelves soon.  For those of you new to Kombucha, gawker.com breaks it down for you:

1. It’s made from fermented yeast called the “kombucha mother” that looks like a giant mushroom

2. Many people grow their own Kombucha mothers and ferment their own Kombucha teas

3. A guy named G.T. Dave is getting very rich off it

The full Gawker-skinny on this miracle-weight-loss [it allegedly cures everything, even fatness] here…

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