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DJ Light

Dominic Harris is an English designer at Cinimod Studios designed this wild project appropriately named “DJ Light.” The outdoor installation allows the public to participate through their movement. By stepping into what looks like an open air teleportation device their actions are then translated into sounds which also control the effects of 85 lit balloons. […]

In Praise of Shadows

Stumbled across this beautiful photo-essay of installations from the Jane Withers curated exhibit, “In Praise of Shadows” in Fall 2009 at the Victoria and Albert museum. The exhibit was designed to question the relationship between light and shadows, and the ways in which we interact with them based whatever mood or philosophy we desire to […]

Kit Webster- Enigmatica

Enigmatica is a work in progress exploring new concepts in combining light, sound and space to create multi-dimensional synesthetic environments. The work experiments with spatial segmentation, illusory oddities and aural expression, freely shifting from order to disconnection and sweeping through the spectrum of colours from softly subtle to psychedelic. By constantly reforming the dynamics within […]

Armsrocks Street Art

Super awesome street art creatively made with light by Armsrocks! They will be projected on walls and surfaces around Copenhagen from February 10th to the 28th. More info here.