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Anywhere, USA

Most people tend to be proud of the city they live. Perhaps out here in L.A. we tend to be a little more vocal with it. Well all you Angelos can rejoice and hang your ‘hood on your wall with a well designed info graphic-like map. Nifty looking and informative these screen printed works actually […]

Paint Print Skirt = Love

When cruising through Metropark’s new arrivals I came across this way too awesome printed skirt. This is a woven skirt too so it’s not going to show every little defect you may or may not have 😉 . You can make this look sophisticated(ish) by pairing it with a jacket like I did, or you […]

Looking for something to wear?

Yo ladies, having a hard time in the morning worrying about what to wear? Well here’s a little help! I think its an awesome look when you mix prints. Here’s a cool example of plaid with subtle stripes. Add some silver accents to pull the color of the stripes and off you go! Obey Burnside […]

Jirat James Patradoon

Jirat James Patradoon was born in 1985 in Thailand and raised in Sydney, Australia on a super-diet of cartoons, comic books, and sci-fi movies. “I make giant candy coloured screenprints/posters you can look at and adore but cannot eat. I have always dreamt of joining the X-men, or becoming Ultraman, or Dracula, or a Lucha […]