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“once upon a time” is a terrible way to start a sentence.

When I am King

There’s something amazing going on in music video land. People are really pulling out all the stops to create amazing and inspiring music videos, such as this one for Dutch indie artist Tim Knol. The video was created byby Sverre Fredriksen who spend two months whittling down masses of timber. Anyhow most astounding fact of […]

The Wheel of Nutrition.

This plate was created by product designer Rui Pereira with Hafsteinn Juliusson for HAF, in collaboration with Joana Pais. Each plate is designed for people with different dietary needs, or wants. On the back of each place is a guide to explain what you are eating more of. Pretty clever! So far I haven’t seen […]

Ashes to Ashes

In Belgium at the moment is a pretty amazing exhibition running called ‘In Progress.’ A few of the pieces showing are by Dutch designer, Wieke Somers who has created her pieces out of human ashes using a technique of rapid prototyping and 3D printing. He works are a part of her new project Consumer or […]

Splish Splash

I’m posting this only because it’s the most awesome rug ever…and there were only two made…and it comes with the steel diving board that is upholstered in leather. Pretty amazing. If you have a ton of extra cash laying around and you’d like more information on it, contact the folks over at Galerie Maad.

Soda Bottles for Light

Sarah Turner, a UK-based designer who specializes in making decorative lighting from a not so typical material, recycles plastic bottles. Her studio collects the bottles from various cafes and homes and then cleans and sandblasts them so they are ready to be re-sculpted. The following bottles recently won her the Readers’ Choice Grand Price at […]

Caitlin Hackett

These amazingly creepy, animal meets human parts drawings were done by the talented Caitlin Hackett. “In my work I am exploring the relationship between humans and animals; the idea of the human denial of our animal nature and of humans as the dominant species, as well as the mutation of the animal created by the […]

Bossy Bear & Friends

David Horvath, you know the co-creator of those Ugly Dolls, will be collaborating once again with Toy2R releasing these great figures with the classy black color line. Here’s what was said about it on their facebook: “Toy2R and David Horvath are going old school with this very limited release of some vintage looking Bossy Bear […]

Baby, I’m Yours

This Breakbot video, has to be one of the most amazing videos I’ve ever seen.Created by Irina Dakeva, it uses about 2000 different watercolor paintings! That’s some serious time and dedication!

A New Kind of Bomb

For all of us who are a little worried about our greenery going away, here’s an amazing concept (that’s actually being used here in Los Angeles) by Commonstudio! These little candy machines are starting to pop up, but instead of being filled with sugary sweets to rot your teeth they are filled with seed bombs. […]

Make a face

Or I suppose the lack of a face. Stick with Me Baby, an online retailer selling hilarious stickers to transform your macbook, has got some fun goodies that you should probably purchase. With their fun and quirky mission statement, their products definitely follow suit. “We love technology, beauty and creativity. We also believe that nobody […]