Daily Archives: Oct 7, 2009

One Step Closer

This week at the CEATEC conference in Tokyo Yamaha unveiled the updated version of its HRP-4C robot. And in addition to a new, more anime-friendly look the robot now sings requests sent to it via iPhone. Robots will rule the world one day. Mark my words. via

Sleep Tight

Interesting series of “bedclothes” from Vadim Cherniy. via


The WTF Collective. Nuff said. via

Which is Real?

One of these pictures is real. The other is not. Can you figure out which is which? Via.


Now as though there aren’t enough things to waste spend your money on. Now there a new billiards table called the CueLight. “The CueLight uses a conventional pool table as it’s canvas and the paint brush is an overhead projector equipped with sensors and motion detectors. The projector creates images on the pool table based […]

Do Not Disturb!

Some fun “Do Not Disturb” door handers from all around the world!

Julian Casablancas

It wasn’t too long ago that the LES brought us a slew of bands hailed as the saviors of rock n’ roll, the coolest kids in this new school being, of course, The Strokes. Ok, the YYY’s, too.  8 years and 3 albums later we find the Strokes on an indefinite vacation, each member focusing […]