DJ Heroes


Once upon a time a DJ’s setup consisted of two Technics 1200s, their mixer of choice and a pair of time-tested needles. Even when Serato came out and all but wiped out people spinning vinyl, the set up remained the same. And while the release of the video game DJ Hero (Activision) probably won’t ┬ámake any changes to any real DJs set up, it’ll probably spawn a whole slew of faux-DJing crews, similar to Guitar Hero influenced bands.

If you’ve already camped out and copped your copy/set-up of DJ Hero, take some time a check out these DJs who made it their business to cut so fresh before hitting the “decks.”

DJ Q-Bert

DJ Abilities

DJ Jazzy Jeff

DJ Rhettmatic

DJ Craze

Roc Raida (R.I.P.)

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