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Select (amazing) works from Brooklyn-based illustrator Nook. via

Jaume Osman

Have a look at some select works from illustrator Jaume Osman. Flickr here. Behance here. via

Lego-esque DIY

Lego-esque modular furniture bricks from Lunatic Construction — 3 different shapes of bricks available in 7 colors. Also offering materials in clear or pearlescent ABS, metal, as well as light-up versions. via

Florian Nicolle

Select (watercolor) works from French graphic designer/illustrator, Florian Nicolle. via

Sunday School

While some folks might be enjoying Coachella on this fine Sunday, I sat in front of my computer and watched these… All day. Happy Sunday. And also, I really love the internet. via

Bait & Switch

More hijinks from TrustoCorp — this time installing subversively re-branded products onto the shelves of bodegas, delis, and Kmarts throughout NYC. Covertly slipped in with existing stock, these modified consumer products should be baffling customers citywide very soon. via

Japanese Scooter Culture

In the same vein of Dekochari, the Japanese are at it again… Check out the art form that is Japanese Scooter Culture. The trend apparently caught on in the second half of the 1990s and it has been blowing up ever since. And here you thought riding around on your vespa was cool. via


Select awesomeness from Toronto-based artist/illustrator Gary Taxali. via


Have a look at some of this well orchestrated madness — brought to you by UK based illustrator, Leigh Flurry. More here. via

Flow Stoopid

Diggy Simmons doing his thing (and then some) over Nas’ Made You Look.