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You Don’t Need This

This is as awesome as it is useless. That is to say I can think of all the reasons that I need this and it’s the same exact number of reasons that I don’t. Behold the USB powered Alien which when plugged into a USB port sticks out its illuminated tongue. No storage space, not […]

In the Key of “Ferrari”

These days Ferrari logos seem to appear everywhere: On leather jackets, pens,sneakers, and even cars that aren’t Ferraris. The latest, sanctioned non-automotive item to bear the famed “Prancing Horse” is The Blackbird Rider Carbon Fiber Travel Guitar. Donning a sticker price of $1,500 and multiple Ferrari accents including a “Ferrari-red” A-string and Scuderia shield, the […]

Eyedea & Abilities: “Smile”

A long time ago, in a year we’ll call 2000, a young battle rapper from Minneapolis, MN who went by the name of Eyedea won the Blaze Battle, rocked HBO and took home props from Puffy. Around the same time his DJ partner, DJ Abilities was winning DMC battles and making a name for himself […]

Rolls-Royce Gets A MINI-Me

Since a very small (and very rich) percentage of the population can afford a anything that bears the Rolls-Royce Spirit of Ecstasy, the BMW owned company will be outfitting some special ordered MINI Coopers (which BMW also owns) with Rolls-Royce accessories. The MINI Coopers will be custom built in the Roll-Royce factory and will feature […]

Listen Carefully and Race a Porsche

If you’ve ever wanted to drive on Porsche’s famed 911 Evolution Course but were stopped by the parameters of you know, actually owning a 911, then now’s your chance to fulfill your dream. That is, if you know what to listen for. Porsche is offering one lucky winner a chance to burn rubber on its […]

Bugatti’s Four-Door Super Car

There are few cars that can strike the balance between being vehicles and a work of art, but Bugatti’s managed to pull that feat off with every one of its releases.¬†Bugatti’s made a name for itself with some of the most impressive – and expensive – autos in the world, and will be continuing the […]

Facebook, Twitter and More Hit XBOX 360

As if XBOX 360 didn’t give gamers enough reason to sit in front of their TVs and buck shots all day on Halo 3, the gaming giant is incorporating social media into the console as Facebook, Twitter and Last.FM will soon be calling the 360 home. The Twitter function will allow players to tweet from […]

8-Bit Auto

If this was a vehicle that was featured on MTV’s Pimp My Ride, you’d probably expect to hear Xzibit say, “Yo dawg, I heard you like video games and driving so we put this video game in this car so you can game while you drive.” ¬†Thankfully Pimp My Ride was cancelled and this isn’t […]

Come Fly With Me

Due its gull wing design, you’d be hard pressed to park the 2011 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG between two cars and be able to get out. But chances are if you’re lucky enough to have one of these high performance autos, you’re living on an exotic island where you have unlimited space and, (if you’re smart), […]

Sweeping the Streets

A “Street Sweeper” can refer to a few things. It can be the Armsel Striker, which is a 12-gauge shotgun so powerful that even the NRA opposes its legalization in the US. It can be those annoying trucks that make you move your car every other day for street cleaning. Or it can be, in […]