Feeling Blue?

Mood boards are something commonly used in the fashion industry, as well as the design industry for that matter. Designers use them to portray a certain feeling or expression that can transcend into an entire collection. In retail we use mood boards or trend boards to aid buyers in placing a collection, so at the end of the day, when all of the pieces are purchased, they create one cohesive look or story.

In the past, this has meant tearing out magazines and pasting tears onto poster boards, but not anymore my friends! The internet has played a huge part in the advancement of mood boards, but the geniuses at Idée just took it one step further. Their Multicolr Search Lab allows users to select up to ten colors, which it will color search through Flickr‘s best photos with. With a click of your mouse, hundreds of pictures load in the exact color combination of your choice!

For a test run, we input the colors from Metropark’s new We The Free stripe lace burnout tee:

And the output was this color board:

Pretty amazing!

Click here to give it a try

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