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Lady Gaga Reveals New Polaroid Stuff

Lady Gaga has taken over as creative director over at Polaroid, under her supervision they have launched a new line of cameras called the Gray Label line which they revealed at the the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The products all “use Polaroid’s Zinc (zero ink) printing technology to capture or print images.” <p […]

Lady Dog Dog

I’m betting that one of the most popular Halloween costumes this year will be some kind of outrageous Lady Gaga get up. And that doesn’t stop at just human gagas… I think these pictures speak for them self.

More Gaga for Gaga

News broke that Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball tour [November 2009 – April 2011] is estimated to gross $200M worldwide according to Billboard, putting her in a league not of her own perse, but one shared only with the likes of the few including Madonna and u2. So I gotta ask, why are we so gaga for […]

Lissie Under the Covers

When up-and-coming LA singer/songwriter Lissie puts her considerable chops to a song she straight kills it (her immacualte backing band doesn’t hurt, either). Here’s a trio of covers: Kid Cudi’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness’, Metallica’s ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and GaGa’s ubiquitously covered ‘Bad Romance’. She doesn’t just cover each track, she imbues them with raw, unadulterated […]


Everyone’s buzzing about the new M.I.A. single, BORN FREE, from her album due to drop later this year.  Most of the buzz seems centered around M.I.A calling out Lady Gaga and putting her money where her mouth is — with her music… and hailing this song as legitimately pushing the envelope; challenging the mainstream in […]

IPhone Cover Superstar

This is pretty amazing, known as AppleGirl, this up-and-coming Korean internet sensation performs Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” using iPhone apps in lieu of instruments. and she also does Beyonce’s Irreplaceable. Rad.

Pomplamoose Cover Lady Gaga – “Telephone”

You may recognize Pomplamoose from their cover of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)” which they released last year. The duo of Conte and Nataly Dawn have covered artists from Michael Jackson and Earth, Wind & Fire, to Simon and Garfunkel and Radiohead (watch “National Anthem”.)  They add to their already impressive resume with this cover of Lady Gaga and […]

Dollar Menu

Gagabucks from Craig Gleason are spot on. via

Oh, Snap

I think we were all a bit sad when Polaroid announced they would be completely ceasing production back in ’08. Well, fans of Polaroid can celebrate once again and continue to shake it like a Polaroid picture — the Polaroid brand is back with plans to re-release the old instant film cameras and the iconic […]

Not That We’re Obsessed But…

This clip’s been making the rounds. Lady GaGa wows barefoot at a piano and performing under her real name, au naturel four years ago.  Is she so instant-classic that this performance can already be called vintage? Apparently the folks at NYU Local and fans on youtube think so… Or is it possible that  Stefani Germanotta […]