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Artists Helping Japan

Some of the most amazing artists (and some of my personal favorites) are doing their part to help Japan by donating some of their amazing art to help benefit all those who have suffered in Japan for the last month. Now it’s your turn to do your part and bid on some of these amazing […]

Marion Bolognesi

I’ve seen Marion Bolognesi‘s paintings around the internet before, but have never gotten the chance to see the full gamut of her work. While stumbling around I found a link to her web portfolio and I’m just beside myself with awe for her talent.

Jon Fox

Jon Fox was born in Hereford in 1981 and currently lives and works on the south coast near Bournemouth. He studied Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton where he began exhibiting work in local galleries on a regular basis and taking commissions while still at university. Since graduating in 2004 he has continued […]

Lui Ferreyra

“When we behold a single object, we temporarily forget that it is inextricably connected to everything else in the universe. Whether something is perceived as ‘isolated’ or ‘integrated’, is a result of a mental process. When we focus inwardly, we divide things up into smaller parts, when we focus outwardly, we bundle them together. We […]

Gina Tuzzi

Amazing illustration work by Gina Tuzzi! Even her website is adorable!

Sisters In Art: The Pragers

Los Angeles based sisters, Alex and Vanessa Prager, are the rare combination of talent and blood line.  Working in two separate mediums, the pair have created a name for themselves both in L.A. and abroad with their distinctive styles and content.  The older of the two, Alex, is a photographer whose waxen and surreal female […]

Amberlee Rosolowich

Amberlee Rosolowich, a recent graduate from San Francisco’s Academy Of Art University, is having her first solo show at the Hespe Gallery until the 30th of this month. Her work is darling, bringing together childhood themes with mature painting techniques.

Eric Fortune

I’m so sad that I am late on the uptake with this fine illustrator/painter, Eric Fortune. Spending up to 160 hours on a painting, he’s truly a master of his craft. And I seem to just have missed his art opening at Copro Nason, in Los Angeles! Needless to say, here’s a fellow who should […]

Damien Kamholtz

Some pretty neat paintings by artist Damien Kamholtz.

Kris Lewis

Some amazing painting by artist Kris Lewis.