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Documenting Street Art

Ozkar Gorgias is a street artist and photographer. Over the last twelve years he’s been creating art just by wearing his sneakers. He’s documented the shoes he’s worn over the last twelve years to create a minimal but stunning piece that’s truly all encompassing. via.

NYC Transit goes off the deep end

In 2000 the New York City Transit took part in the artificial reef rebuilding project by decontaminating a bunch of old subway and rail cars and dumping them in the ocean. Photographer Steven Mallon took the following gorgeous photos of the actual dumping of these cars.

Dan Mountford

British graphic designer and photographer, Dan Mountford has taken his two skills and created hyper realistic vector creations that will have you questioning reality. Neo-surrealism to the extreme!

The Story of the Book

Books seem to be a dying breed these days with the Kindle and eReaders. Artist Cara Barer has dedicated her recent works to telling bridging the gap between architecture, sculpture, and photographs. Through these methods she is able to tell the “story” of the books that she portrays in her work. In her artist statement […]

Diego Kuffer

Lately Brazil seems to be producing some of the best art I’ve seen in awhile. While trolling the endless sea that is the internet I stumbled across Diego Kuffer, a Brazilian photographer whose wild style of cubism meets color photography gives motion and depth a whole new meaning. via.

SEVEN Dan Monick Book Release Party

LA based photographer, Dan Monick, will be releasing his book SEVEN, this Friday, but you can pre-order it now here. Some of you may remember Dan from this Blood is the New Black collaboration last Spring. The book chronicles the group Atmosphere and other artists from the Rhymesayers label over the past seven years. A […]

John F Conn Photography

  New York City Subways, Early 1980’s This series is part of the permanent collection of the Museum of New York City. To see more of John F Conn’s work you can got to his website.


In his photographic series, Totems, Paris-based artist Alain Delorme captures the heart and souls of China that drive the every day life in Shanghai. The works present portraits of migrant workers perched on their bikes or on foot with their unbelieveable piles of product they transport across the cityday-to-day. Delorme shows a part of reality in its […]

Tribble & Mancenido

At the height of the U.S. economic crisis in 2008, all Americans wanted to do was hit the road. That’s just what collaborative artists James Frank Tribble and Tracey Mancenido-Tribble did. Armed with a little more than a commercial license, tips from Tribble’s truck driver dad and a few large-format cameras, the husband and wife photography team packed […]

Pop Faces

Such a simple idea with a pretty neat end result. Commercial photographer Joshua Scott has taken the title for First Place winner for “Food & Still Life Photography” at the 2010 APA/NY Awards, with his Pop Faces series. The creation process is interesting. For the series, Scott finds images of pop culture icons, crumples up the picture, and […]