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Record Monsters

Music lover? Semi-eco friendly? Into bugs or monsters? Then these record monsters were made for you! Created as a way to recycle vinyl records these folks will ship you different sized “record monsters” depending on how much money you send them, pretty cool. With tons of bugs, monsters, dinosaurs, and more to choose from you’re […]

Lego Your Bird, Angry

Now I know I’m way behind the times, or maybe I’m just trying to not fall into the endless addictive abyss that is Angry Birds, but I just can’t download it. That being said, I have played it, and I’ll give it credit, it’s a fun game. Designer Tsang Yiu Keung obviously thinks far more […]

The Story of the Book

Books seem to be a dying breed these days with the Kindle and eReaders. Artist Cara Barer has dedicated her recent works to telling bridging the gap between architecture, sculpture, and photographs. Through these methods she is able to tell the “story” of the books that she portrays in her work. In her artist statement […]

Kevin Francis Gray

Kevin Francis Gray

Big Stone

When you’re a sculptor, the next natural step in your career is mini-golf course designer, right? For artist Bruce Stillman, it was. A long-time fan and creator of landscape sculpture, Stillman decided to turn his Minnetrista, MN farm into a fully functioning mini-golf course, with his works standing in as the props and obstacles to hit […]


On Thursday, August 12, Scandinavian furniture giant IKEA unveiled their SURREALISTIKA kitchen sculpture as part of the Barbican Centre‘s Surreal House Exhibition. The sculpture celebrates creativity in design, bringing fantasy, imagination and the household to life. It incorporates the natural beauty of the Silver Birch tree intertwined with elements of an every day kitchen sitting […]

Zhang Huan

“Zhang Huan began his work as part of a small artistic community, known as the Beijing East Village,[1] located on the margins of the city. The group of friends from art school pioneered this particular brand of performance in China and Zhang was often reprimanded by officials for the perceived inappropriateness of his actions. Zhang’s […]

Tom Sachs’ Cameras

For many years, a small but significant part of Tom Sachs’s production has dealt with cameras. Here are a few of the twelve works, from 1972 to the present, that not only explore the camera as both sculptural and functional object, but, perhaps more importantly, chart the course that photography and the globalization of precision manufacturing has taken […]

Skateboard Art

I am slowly but surely learning to like and even love in some respects, found art or reclaimed art as I’m going to call it, you know since I’m such an art connoisseur. Haroshi, is a Japanese artist with a real knack for building amazing sculptures out of old skateboards. “His creations are born through […]

Cakeland, bring your teeth.

Now at first I got really excited that maybe I could get a cake with teeth and horns for my birthday, and then sadly had to realize that Scott Hove, who creates these beautiful “cakes”, doesn’t actually make them out of cake, but out of various materials using traditional cake tools, although adding his own […]