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Return of the Beasties

‘Nuff said right here:


Have you ever wanted to just reverse that gold star and make it into a little red X? Well here’s something for all our college professors, jerk bosses, or minions to let them know how we really feel without being too obvious. These rubber stamps, created by Heather K. Phillips, are 12 different ways to […]

Cupid Came Late (and he looked different this time…)

Ok, ok, I know I’m late on the whole cupid thing, but drowning in my lack of love sorrows was way more more important than hunting for the one. I was brought back to reality with this hilarious silhouette illustration by Ji Lee wondering what your cupid would look like. via.

Where is B.F. Egypt?

I don’t want to go getting too political, or even really want to talk about politics at all, especially all the noise that’s going on in Egypt. What I do want to touch on is this screen shot of Fox News showing us where Egypt really is, just incase you didn’t know. Enough said. via.

Miss Arkansas

I’ve obviously not been keeping up with my Miss America Pageantry, and I really should have been because then I would have known sooner about this little gem, Miss Arkansas is a yodeling ventriloquist. Alyse Eady didn’t win the pageant, but did come in as first runner up. Anyways, you should watch her talent portion […]

Craiglist Furniture Guide

Craiglist easily embodies both the best and the worst of things in the world. It can be helpful for finding a job, or a couch to sleep on when you’ve been evicted, or my personal favorite, find some rad vintage furniture. One of the worst thing about Craigslist is surely the way that people fail […]

Best dancer EVER

This guy def knows how to party!

Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl

Came across this super funny video comparing two very not so comparable cameras.  I mean the Barbie Video Girl has to be way better in quality than the Canon 7D =] It just has to!  Barbie is a master of all trades, and I am glad to see she has now mastered a camera implant […]

Hello Kitty is taking over the world.

Are you a Hello Kitty lover? Well it’s pretty hard not to be! Hello Kitty is just so cute, and also secretly and aggressively taking over the world. Check these out… Hello Kitty Anti Virus Hello Kitty Motor Oil Hello Kitty Toilet Paper, pads, urinal target, condoms, and you know whatie.. Hello Kitty Riffle Hello […]

Double Rainbow Autotune Remix!

So a couple weeks ago I posted the amazingly funny Double Rainbow youtube video. Remember? Well some uber talented folks decided to remix this video with that funny thing called auto tune! Too funny and catchy!! I warn you now, you will be singing this song ALL DAY LONG!